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  1. November ride pics & vids, great day, lots of laughs
  2. Thanks Brian Been looking for a lever since August, got to be the hardest colour to find
  3. I know the loopy Quads are the ones that people lust over but I like the stick tail
  4. Still thinking about changing a few more things, need a black tech 3 RH lever ( hint hint ) and not sure about the black chainring
  5. Only thing I have changed from these pictures are the pedals
  6. Got it up and ready for a ride with some repop comp 3 While I was building this I was given an old ladys bike that was beyond help, surprise for me was a perfect DID chain under years of old grease
  7. Starting to get things together Ended up using the Tuffneck and MSC bars from my PK It ended up with the GT bars and an early square corner Tuffneck
  8. Took a little bit of time to find a nice set of not stuffed with wheels Sorry about the toilet pics, doing renos at the same time as building the Quad
  9. Got a bit of a package deal as you can see in this pic Only thing I didn't get was the grips on the GT bars