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  1. Sydney BMXPO 2019 Ride on Saturday, show on Sunday Ride yesterday, got a few pics & videos Check out the cinelli & the mod on the MX2 lever, stunning bike
  2. We have a thread on the Museum - https://bmxmuseum.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=728482
  3. Newcastle NSW , our ride is around 14klms or 8 Miles Starting at the PUB out to Nobbys breakwall , stop at Nobby surf club for a cold one then out to the Skate park Then reverse that on the way back , lots of places to stop on the way I do a few basic videos sometimes , check out my channel for the others I have done Still learning the art of video
  4. Excellent Pic Tan & Brown Quad - SE just had the colours BITD
  5. Good read here - http://oldschoolmags.com/mags/BMXA_8005.pdf
  6. Bicycle Motocross Action April 1978
  7. What a great pic , Bicycle Motocross Action Feb 1980
  8. All good , bike 1 is winning so far
  9. Clicking on the activity tab , all activity Clicked on SE Racing Quadangle And got this
  10. Got myself the perfect T shirt to ride in
  11. Logged in on my mobile today , after logging in got the screen in pic 1 All I get now is pic 2