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  1. Still playing around with it Shimano / Ukai
  2. I will post other pics as changes happen What's the go with the serial with no stamping ??
  3. So far it's at this stage with a change of wheels, Campy & Weinmann Brakes are going and maybe the bars & stem, see what happens as parts pop up
  4. Put the word out for a frame pad, ended up another mate had this stashed away BMXPO is a bike show held in Sydney Australia
  5. Swapped a few things around Softer seat, black chain & Tange seat clamp, xcaliber seatpost clamp was donated to the JMC
  6. Picking up parts was a slow process but scored some nice bits, swapped other parts from my other bikes
  7. Got it out OK with no damage, ended up using it Wheels are Ukai rims & Suzue hubs
  8. Picked up a Redine MX III a few months ago, it got an RJ serial but no Redline stamp, forks don't have Redline stamp either Trailer pic is from a FB page, a mate had scored the trailer load, this is the first time I'd seen it Took a few months of asking him many times to sell it to me Stuck seat post was the first thing to do
  9. That was a cool thread Excellent info
  10. Did some changes to the Quad today Profile retro cranks, Suntour XCII pedals & Powerlite bars
  11. Anyone know what happened to the excellent thread about Slambars on Vintage can't get into it anymore https://www.vintagebmx.com/community/index.php?s=5846c38ab4e82400e4a622620f797fe5&showtopic=27005198&hl=slam+bars+in+order
  12. It's on Never been so nervous about putting a decal on
  13. Got an OG decal Just got to put it on
  14. At a mates place last week playing BMX Took the stem & bars out to regrease the headset Put them on the ground just in the right light and found this where the decal was Quite a surprise, so hard to see even harder to take a pic of
  15. Thanks gents Learning a lot about JMC
  16. Can anyone link me to any JMC Threads please, I have found
  17. Hello BMXers I'm the proud new owner of this JMC, rides great Pictures will give you the parts list, had the UNI seat on it but had to put a comfy seat on to ride it Please school me on this as I'm still learning about JMC A couple of things have been pointed out to me, Early DY bars & undrilled fork
  18. Don't you love it when you find the last piece of the puzzle