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  1. Went for an evening ride in Newie We got a very nice surprise with seeing a very cool Cooks cruiser
  2. Have seen a few, rear caliper is mint so looking for a lever in same condition Anyone here got a nice one to sell
  3. Santa came early for me, nice crusty OG frame pad
  4. If we have built a bike this year Steve we are all winners This is my trophy for this year
  5. November ride pics & vids, great day, lots of laughs
  6. Thanks Brian Been looking for a lever since August, got to be the hardest colour to find
  7. I know the loopy Quads are the ones that people lust over but I like the stick tail
  8. Still thinking about changing a few more things, need a black tech 3 RH lever ( hint hint ) and not sure about the black chainring