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  1. i went to the meet the street that was at emmy's bike shop in NYC that was a full on "street" weekend, a friend of mine and myself started our venture to NYC on our bikes on the friday night before the comp... we lived in south NJ. rode up to the bus depot about 20 miles away, waited for the next NYC bus (riding in the parking lot the whole time) hopped the NYC bus and finally got into the city at about 4am. rode all over the place trying to get aquainted and figure out where we needed to go. finally ran into craig grasso and realized we were there.... more people showed up and there were some cars parked in the "no parking" zones as the road was to be closed...... well, a bunch of us actually carried a VW rabbit onto the sidewalk, and lets just say some cars became road obstacles. met vic murphy and pete augustin there and took a subway ride up to mullaly park in the bronx for a bit, came back to the competition. i bent my skyway t/a 360 in half there and a friend told ron W who hooked me up with a sport frame. got some dirt bros swag from vic and pete and had a great time...... got back home sometime sunday........ stoked!
  2. ahhhhhhhh, at least some people see the "look" im going for!
  3. ok...... i recently ran into my friend lars tribus who was a pro DH mtn biker for quite a while..... well, it seems he is now the president of HCBMX.org a race track in flemington NJ. they are interested in doing an old school event (swap, show and race) at their fall classic race. gauging any interest at this point. bp
  4. the radio news station reported to this comment, something along the lines of since the olympic team isnt funded by the government, they will go the cheapest route needed to get this stuff made they went on to say that quite a few politicians in washington made remarks that they should burn them and have them made in the USA not sure how true that is, but it kinda makes sense
  5. tentative menu ~ Pulled BBQ Pork / Beef / Chicken ~ Hebrew National Dogs and Ball park franks, possibly with a hot dog cart! ~ Corn Dogs ~ Certified Angus Beef (CAB) Burgers ~ Chicken Wings / Tenders / Breast deep fried and grilled ~ Eggplant Rollatini / Lasagna Rollets / Stuffed Shells / Crepe Manicotti - Parmesan Marinara ~ Stuffed Green Peppers / Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Marinara ~ Kettle Corn / Chip'ins ~ Assorted "home made" - baked pies - apple, blueberry, cherry, fruits of the forest, peach, pecan, lemon meringue, chocolate cream, banana cream..... / cakes / pastries ~ fresh local corn ~ just tapped a oak aged cherry stout, a cream ale and a IBA.... hard cider also on tap and should have a keg of PBR ~ plenty of water and some other misc beverages
  6. so...... there i am at a graduation party for a friends son and the text comes through "i can get an older haro, are you interested?" my response, maybe..... got pics? well, the day goes with texts and no pics, we go to another party for friends that are moving to new mexico (i dont know how you army guys can move around all the time BTW) and the pics come through..... i make an offer, it gets countered.... by now my friend gets the owner of the bike in touch with me and we work a price...... now we need to work a transaction, the bike is about 3 hours from me..... well, we work that out as my buddy who initially found this for me rides DH mtn bikes with me and lives near this guy...... cool deal made, check sent, bike finally delivered early 86 haro master, all OG except the rear tire, tapered bars, early locking tech 5 levers, DC seatclamp, reflectors! interestingly, it came with a blue dominator that supposedly came stock, i thought they all have white seats. these are the bike in un-cleaned mode artistic shot in front of my hop vines the first bike i bought new was a white 86 master, be it i had only bought a f/f and custom built it, this has a significance to me....... enjoy
  7. matt, along with slam ale, there is kegged hard cider, and there will also be on tap a oak aged cherry stout, a cream ale and 1 or 2 IPA's yummmmmmm
  8. so im planning summerslam 8 08-04-12 no frills........ backyard bbq, riding, bikes, possible bands.... ive got no time to design a logo, decals,or anything like that, i want to make this a super chill event again this year interested?
  9. i remember when those frames were coming out, i would say, yes... 02ish. they made great DH and slalom bikes and actually sponsored a few of my friends for DH racing, all the guys involved were cool also, it was a family business.... not sure if they are still around or not?
  10. i need to get back to cali...... unfortunately this is again the same date that my kids have a recital
  11. BINGO! nice on those..... i too have never seen a set in person or real time photos until now
  12. 7/30/06, of the bikes in this pic of my starting out days, i still own 4 bikes that are here. 85 gt world tour 86 haro sport skyway streetbeat DK general lee 16" (cooper rides that at the park) the peregrine frame in the pic is mine from 99 a pic of it built back up in 09 with about 85% of its original parts
  13. be safe and enjoy whatever you are doing these next few days!
  14. this is one that i found at an event here in NJ, i grabbed it just to keep it out of circulation as it has no stampings on it anywhere, the bottom could easily be passed as something that it is not
  15. ok, i jumped in and got myself a new school ride. i got back into riding and did alot of DH mtn biking this year, got my son into it and my wife tore her ACL doing it also. well, ive had a 16" dk for my son to take to the local skatepark and though bringing the old school bike there was cool, i feel a bit limited when i ride it. ive been told by alot of people to get a new school bike and once i adjusted i would really like it so i contacted my friend ralph who is the owner of animal bikes www.animalbikes.com (they have flowed stuff for society events)and i knew they were awaiting their new frames. well, after the first batch of frames were all pre sold, i called one of the skavenger tunnel frames in 20.5. next step was to aquire parts.... well, ralph came through again and i was able to get just about the whole bike with animal components (except brakes and chain)..... once they had enough stock in the warehouse (they sell out of stuff fast there) ralph got scott (another friend) on board and scott contacted me about what i had in mind as a bike....... first thing i needed was front brakes, i am still old school and brakeless or only rear brakes are out of the question for me, i had the option to get different forks, then scott had contacted spooky dave at FBM and they welded a set of 990 mounts to a set of animal forks. i had then looked at what they offer and what colors they had. gave scott a list of what i wanted and how i wanted it set-up, a few phone calls back and forth and this is what was delivered to me at work by them this past wednesday. i am totalled stoked on this, a simple ride in the hood and it feels small, but super tight and kinda comfortable, i do need to work on the front brake a bit more and am going to change out the chain, but here it is as i first got it. im calling it my skavimal bike and when i told that to ralph he liked that term, who knows... maybe they will have a custom shop its got tapered and aero tubing, extremely nice welds and sweet paint, the components are top notch, i cant say enough about this ride..... some more pics (including action) will be put up later
  16. so, here it is as it sits now us trickstar f/f hutch pro racer bars hutch pro seatpost hutch stem hutch seatclamp tioga headest oakley b-2 grips kashi aero seat tech 4 levers and 880 brakes takagi 1 pc tuf-neck disc and ring hutch 1pc pedals with freestyle cages hutch tires hutch hubs laced to araya 7L all parts OG survivor except 1 tire which was NOS here it is with the overseas trick star i built for my wife recently for the philly ride..... unfortunately a torn ACL on her didnt allow us to go to the ride
  17. here is a little something ive been wanting to post up, when i got into collecting i was as alot of people are, really about having the "perfect" bike, refinish this, non-era correct that..... over time i matured in the hobby as alot of us have and went to the survivor and OG roots. here is a little timeline of my blue trick-star. it started its life as a refinished f/f with NOS and some non era correct parts the f/f got traded away for a survivor set-up and a survivor was born from the restored "turd" the survivor trick-star got a few changes over it lifetime, check the pics and i will be back later with pics of how it sits today
  18. i brought my camera into work today to snap some pics of a storm damaged rental today and took a few pics in the showroom....... thought this one came out cool tri-power on the top of a new GTI do you display any bikes at work?
  19. mine was VA, last 2 letters of my last name, usually said in one syllable! LOL, sometimes said as 2 letters. given to me by my friend mike (aka blockhead... RIP bro)
  20. i was doing alot of photo dodging..... LOL this year was a very relaxed atmosphere and i was actually able to enjoy myself, had a great time....