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  1. Awesome thread Jon great read and pics !
  2. powder coated but Brian Hays garbage is my treasure! first build in 30 something years.
  3. never won any race bitd at 47 yoa on jan 1 2015 won a hard fought 2nd place trophy in my novice class it was a great race and i try to get to the track here in orlando fl 3 times a week getting faster and love it! and a couple of weeks ago took my 84 RA-10 to show off and ride and let some of the kids ride it. having a great time getting a collection going and racing i love this stuff and met some good guys at the track and through collecting.
  4. Nah.....I never rode for Bandito, besides seeing a few at national events all we really knew of Bandito was from what we saw in the magazines. Though I will admit, I'm guilty of drawing their gunslinger battling out Cheech Wizard on my textbook covers at school. (n.o.s.) helmet decal IMG_8547.JPG IMG_8551.JPG I know it's not Bandito related, but considering we were on the subject of sponsors here's a few items from 'back in the day'. IMG_8537.JPG there are a few of these bandito helmet stickers on the bay as of 6/7/15 i got one for my collection.great thread ! IMG_8540.JPG IMG_8541.JPG IMG_8542.JPG
  5. i have those same decals shown above i got them from the spring fling and now i know what the bb stands for thanks for my ongoing education BMXS! and yes those are badass bikes !!! i love learning about florida bmx history.
  6. Vector 1st gen forks in chrome.i dont know if a lot of these broke or something it seems to me so far these things are hard to find for me and hard for someone else to let go of! ive got to keep a positive attitude for now if anybody knows where any of these are or any kind of lead LMK please!!!
  7. Just bought 81 robinson made E-racer frame/fork the fork is OG paint and decals but the frame has been powderd and has no decals I would like nos (lol) repops will do or even a scanible image thanks for any help!
  8. Max-flo had tange stamped on the ends, im going with marcos on this one until I find otherwise. Thanks for the help bmxs!
  9. Thanks noah I have not got these yet and cant see the date code .I have another set of tange that have a 9L stamp . Is there a date code list somewhere?
  10. By the way , do you know a general year these were made ?
  11. Thanks , JMC I knew bmxs brains would get this no problem .