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  1. My first show was Rockford 07. I went not knowing a single soul. That night at the banquet I stood in the back of the room as the awards were handed out. After that I was privy to the "winning" by people who didn't win. I was seriously turned off. After words back at the hotel I meet 5 guys from the Minnesota faction. From that point till now I've meet a lot of people and that's the only reason I keep going. Bikes have become secondary. Bikes are cool and that's why we come, its all about the people. It's not my fault you blew your kids' college money building an over done bmx bike that didn't win an award. If that's why you did it, you're a fuckin moron! On a side note. 2 weeks ago I was at a vintage snowmobile show. A 76 Yamaha srx won a class(cant remember and don't care). That kid had all the aluminum so over polished I about puked. The coolest sled was an old 73 arctic cat ext. No name tag on it(not entered). All original and pretty fuckin cool.
  2. Damn i really need to look at thread dates.
  3. So you'll give me $1500 for an apple krate plus a "nice" finders fee? Or are you just fishin?
  4. 8 nos jmc seatposts for $20ea. True story. Yes i have a pic but im on my phone.
  5. i was just looking at the serial # on my frame(025267). I cant figure out the year. The serial # guide on the museum is no help. Anybody here have an idea. Im curious because i see 2 different headtube decals used. Thanks,Greg
  6. I like it. Will look cool with gold.
  7. i used to own that bike. i traded it to the guy that sold it to this dude. i was gonna put MX-60's on it. never happened. i pm'ed him and told him that option.
  8. frame doc was there as well, with his son. both racing. told me it was awesome.
  9. black friday krate. Wal mart ended up blowing them out for $39 i remember.Total junk. ive seen them sell for over $400 on the bay though?
  10. can i buy it? I want that og fork so i can strip it then have it chromed!