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  1. Some very cool info from the previous owner of the Soul Train above: "And just a side note on the Soul bike, I rode that bike with Kevin Robinson, Dave Mirra, Ron Wilkerson, Tim & Ryan Nyquist, Leigh Ramsdell , Robbie Morales, Rick Moliterno, and a bunch more. I think I have some pictures, maybe... if so I’ll send them along with the mag if I find it. Krob Barry" Steve
  2. Someone posted it on the Museum. I pm'd them to ask, but no reply. I'm guessing BMX Plus 97ish. Would really like to find the issue so I can get a better look at the details of the picture. Steve
  3. Glad you guys dig it. This picture was the inspiration for my build:
  4. Wicked bike bud,love it.

  5. Finished the build a while ago. Finally got some nice weather for outdoor pics. I'm really stoked with how it turned out.
  6. Pretty stoked with how this one turned out.
  7. Trying to save this front OGK for my son's Performer build. Any ideas?