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  1. Someone posted it on the Museum. I pm'd them to ask, but no reply. I'm guessing BMX Plus 97ish. Would really like to find the issue so I can get a better look at the details of the picture. Steve
  2. Glad you guys dig it. This picture was the inspiration for my build:
  3. Wicked bike bud,love it.

  4. Finished the build a while ago. Finally got some nice weather for outdoor pics. I'm really stoked with how it turned out.
  5. They raced for OTP in Modesto in the 80s. Thanks, Steve
  6. Pretty stoked with how this one turned out.
  7. Trying to save this front OGK for my son's Performer build. Any ideas?
  8. Purple frame under the silver Marin....has a blue sidepull brake and looks like square tube stays..... Steve
  9. It seems this rider has been positively identified as Roy Mims. I shared the pic and asked for ID on the BMXsociety FB group. Steve, That's awesome! Great detective work. Please let me know if you hear from him...it would be very cool to see what he remembers about the cruiser. Steve
  10. TrulyOdd, Thanks for the post. Do you know or remember any of the OTP guys? Was hoping maybe someone from the shop might recall the frames. Brian, I think you are right and TRB is a definite posibility. I sent pics to the son a while bavk but he didnt recognize it. I think he asked one ot two of the welders too. It's a shame the founder has pased...he may have been the one with the answer. Monte did congirm he made the dropouts though. Steve