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  1. The show was awesome Steve! Thanks for your hard work and those that have volunteered their time. Can't wait for the next one!!
  2. I agree with Andy, odd one there with the large hole in the gusset. The serial #'s are stamped totally different from what I've seen before, the characters are a lot smaller than the normal K & T type serial #'s. The decals on it are consistent with an 81 version KZ1 though, if they're the originals. Nice find.
  3. No different from SE, Mongoose, Redline, etc. etc. re-issuing their copyrighted, licensed or trademarked product. The KZ-01 is not anywhere near what a real KZ-1 looks like or was equipped with, Not my cup of tea, but to each his own.
  4. STR-1? I haven't seen that SN in a long time. I'm looking to sell everything! OK, not really.
  5. "...two stubborn people". I wouldn't spend that much on it unless it said Hadley or Techmatic on it. I thought those BB's were still available from Tioga, just in different, newer packaging, Rini's used to have those, I'd check there. If you don't need sealed, take the spindle to your local bike shop and match up a 1pc. BB.
  6. Looks like fun, I'll try to bring my crew out to the next one.
  7. I voted for the bikes that I felt best represented the era it is entered in. For example; freestyle to me was in 85-88, so I voted for something that was familiar to me from that period with realistic parts that I remember actually seeing BITD. To me, an entry in BOTY is all about presentation so I look for Era Correctness, color co-ordination, and cleanliness because I want to be able to identify what I'm looking at.
  8. Here was my first re-build in '05, my original 84 TA which sits in my living room.
  9. TTT Only .09 cents a day, send one less text message a day and you help out here for a year.
  10. There's nothing like still owning your OG bike! Looks good Don!
  11. Haha, well, I had to ask. And if you ever decide to let it go... You know who you need to call We need to start a Kuwahara 24 Owners club You're in my thoughts everytime I look at that Elina Turbo and yes, we needs to start a club.