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  1. My Harbor Lite Pro sized bars will be going live on eBay this evening if anybody is interested.
  2. Nope, not yet.... I have a few builds ongoing at the same time now so they are all going pretty slowly. I am doing a charity bike ride on the Pro pictured above so that has taken priority for the time being so I can start my 'training'....
  3. I've recently managed to get my hands on a rare Birmingham WHEELS Pro frame.... very sought after being the longer race version. One of only four known examples, and still in the original pearl white paint (no chrome underneath).
  4. Just seen a photo of '062' which is also stamped on the right hand drop out like yours.
  5. Thanks man, I love it too! My serial number is on the opposite side also.
  6. He will be in touch - very reliable chap and all-round good guy. He does lots of research so will love to hear from you. Has helped me out loads already.
  7. The rims aren't mine (although I do have a set) - the guy who sent me that picture (dubplatestyle on here) also supplied me with a nice set of NOS sew-ups too. Blue/Green Comp V's, one of which is still in the original packaging. He has been a great contact to have for my lightweight build! I'm using Hutch Ti hubs on it, OMAS Ti items (Euro BB and brake calliper accessories), OGK plastic compression lever for the brake lever, and the Nyflor headset. Cranks are lightly milled Campy items, Skyway Mini pedals, The Harbor Lite bars, and most likely a DK Mini stem (currently standard - undrilled - with an aluminium quill). I'd quite like to find a Ti chain if i can also. Somebody in the UK is sending me a lightweight seatpost clamp as well - it looks home made, but perfect for this project. Undecided on seat and brakes yet though....
  8. These are the Barts rim decals I was on about. You can see they are basically placed over the Nisi decals.
  9. Dunno - i'm away from home currently. I'll have to check when I get home and revert.
  10. I bought it off an ex-Team NP rider - one of his original rides, and he confirmed that it was originally Candy Blue from the factory. Whether or not he has had it refinished i don't t know (I would imagine so as it's very very nice), but there are plenty of scuffs beneath the BB. The padset is also his original set. Forks are undrilled. It was nice enough for me to build up as received, and I had the decal set reproduced. Then I just had to hunt down all of the NP and Pro Neck parts to finish it off as I wanted.
  11. I've had these sat on my shelf for years..... Candy Blue Ofmega Mundial BMX 3PC cranks still in their original box. I've never seen another set. Includes arms, chainring (gorgeous), chainring bolts, spindle bolts and dustcaps.