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  1. Contest was at the Velodrome. AFA Masters Rd. 1 March 22nd & 23rd '86 Here is a comment from Lord Voelker himself....... article pic "Spring Thaw" from: Freestylin' - July '86
  2. It has been confirmed by Dave Voelker that it is him in the Spring Thaw pic. Voelker rode for SE Racing at that one event, they gave him the jersey and the bike and paid his entry fee. He broke the frame at the event. Thanks to Donnie Platt for getting in touch with Lord Voelker to confirm!
  3. Ok I think I've seen another SE Trickster frame in an issue of Freestylin' July '86. But this frame is slightly different from Fred Blood's. The twin top tubes on this one get narrow going to the front of the bike where Fred's the tubes stay wide then slowly get narrow like on a Trick Master or '84-'86 Haro Master for examble. So slightly different at the seat mast forward. They were probably playiing with the design. Also the magazine says the rider is Dave Voelker. I don't think Voelker rode for SE Racing. Magazines have been known to make mistakes, I have a pic of Fred Becker and they label him as Eddie Fiola. Anyhow, someone mentioned Voelker was near SE and Dave test rode some of their bikes. But this article pic is from an AFA Master's event. I am getting help from someone who is texting Dave Voelker to get more info on this. Someone also said they remember Dave Voelker breaking this frame at that AFA Master's. I will also provide a close up but here is the article pic.... It has that unusual upsweep in the top tube towards the front just like Blood's SE Trickster... It does look like an SE jersey. Just waiting to find out if that is Dave Voelker and if he can shed some light on the frame...
  4. This bike is pretty iconic. Ahead of its time and some new flatland bikes have slightly copied the top tube. And Fred Blood has created some pretty great tricks, a couple when he was with the BMX Action Trick Team in '85 that people still do today. Guess you don't like Freestyle.
  5. Cool to see Jeff V. here hangin' out takin' time to vote. I must get to voting later tonight or tomorrow.
  6. Man... I hope Mike Devitt gets well!
  7. 1985 SE Racing Trick Master with 3rd Gen VDC Woody Bars - Origianl Paint and decals Had to replace bent ACS 20 stem & found a original finish ACS 45. Original Chang Star brakes were in good shape but front caliper missing the cable hanger/adjuster & the backing nut on the Anchor bolt. The bike had no levers so added Chang Star Tech 4 style. Could not afford asking price so I had to buy it without the wheels the owner had put on. Found these used Skyway OE mags and cleaned them up and added NOS LHR Freestyle 360 tires. Cables were trashed and just the rear was still on but broken from the rotor. Took the original rotor apart and cleaned it up and added a new cable. Threw on NOS Spinner pegs. Only new parts are cables & housing and Kenda tubes. Everything else is original to the bike. Parts List *Frame: SE Racing Trick Master *Fork: SE Racing Trick Master Standing Gear fork *Fork pegs: NOS Spinner *Handlebars: 3rd Gen VDC Woody Bars *Stem: ACS 45 *Grips: Mushroom II style *Brakes: Chang Star 980 Freestyle *Levers: Chang Star Tech 4 style *Brake pads: NOS Chang Star (Dia-Compe block style) *Brake cables: New -w/new housing *Detangler: ACS Rotor *Headset: YST *Seat: Velo VL-119 Freestyle *Seatpost: stock OE *Clamp: MF 25.4 *Cranks: Cr-Mo -stock OE *BB: YST *Chainring: CYC Tracer 44T *Disc: stock OE -Tracer brand possibly *Chain: KMC white outer/nickel inner *Pedals: Victor VP-300 *Wheels: Skyway OE mags *Freewheel: Shimano 333 *Tires: NOS LHR Freesyle 360 *Dice caps: Lucky Rollers *Tubes: Kenda -new
  8. Didn't enter mine in the Survivor class as I think it wouldn't get much respect as my entry is not a 100% true survivor untouched from bitd. Originally took pics around Oct 21st but today I took some new pics at the same location as last time. But a Suburban SUV showed up about 4 mins after I got there and the guy worked there and parked where I was so I had limited movement and had to watch out for shadows as I couldn't place the bike where I wanted to.
  9. The costs of making a bike/making a replica of something old was probably not worth him taking on such a project Brian. Maybe I should start a new thread about the history of Fred's Trickster. Kinda glad he didn't reproduce/replicate this bike. It keeps its Legend Status.
  10. Surprised nobody has commented at least on Fred Blood's comment. I guess I have to take a whole screen shot in my email for proof. Something must have happened in Fred's life for him to not have started the reproduction project that he said he would make about 750 of.
  11. Some people think the bike is the precursor to the Trick Master. Fred Blood states in that comment nothing came from SE Bikes except the headtube and bottom brackets but the rear frame standers are somewhat like the Trick Master. I never asked Fred back then when he made this frame.... if it was in 1984 then it was the precursor to the Trick Master that came out in 1985. If Fred Blood's Trickster (II) was made after '84 then it was just a one off he did and it may have possibly been eventually made into a signature model for Fred Blood that never came to fruition. Maybe if somebody here can ask Mike Devitt, and hopefully Mike can remember, what date he and Blood made the bike...possibly Sean Ewing can ask Mike Devitt...I think Sean can contact him. Then maybe we can figure out if the Trickster was used as a possible prototype to what became the Trick Master. A few months after the group on facebook was lost Fred Blood closed his facebook account. I think his facebook account is back up now if that is truely Mr. Blood. And I say Trickster II because supposedly the OM mentions in an aritcle that the Trickster was a beefed up PK Ripper frame that the Factory Riders, Mike Buff for example, received with thicker tubing to take the punishment of those riders hittin' those airs when Freestyle was at it's beginnings. But I don't think anyone is going to cut open their PK Ripper to check. That is maybe why there have been some factory Trickster decals found and what Fred Blood used on the one off frame he made. This is just a Theory. Hope Mike Devitt and Fred Blood can shed some light. Pic of decals is from corollagts. The aritcle that most of these pics are from were from the Trick Page they did in that mag...this one was call Blood on the Street - Freestylin' March 1986