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  1. Welcome to the site, Bro. That Skyway is KILLER! Love that color combo. :32:
  2. I wonder if anybody is going to buy that Redline for $3K. Even if I had the money to blow, I don't think I'd buy that. It's nice, but I'll take an old school Haro over that bike anyday.
  3. Welcome to the site. It's nice to see another freestyler join OS-BMX.
  4. This is always tough to do. I just recently got the front brake on my 'Goose to lock up enough to do an endo. It still seems I have to catch it just right, because sometimes it won't lock up and makes me look like a complete idiot. Rider weight might have something to do with it too. I weigh 185, and I'm sure a rider that weighs 140 would be able to do endos easier than me.
  5. :32: It's great to see this is getting resolved. :32:
  6. .......it's quite obvious that nobody is going to speak up and admit to the scamming. Therefore.....until someone steps up to the plate and admits to it, maybe it would be wise not to deal with the people in question. I may not agree with all the mud slinging KERRY/JMC/TIM/401 do, but they are bringing up good points. Why are members scamming other members and who is it?
  7. Sweet ride, Panda. Looks really good. :32: