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  1. Big congratulations guys.. Great bikes and all worthy winners
  2. Nice score Hercules. They are lovely frames hey. I scored this f/f with cranks for $50 in Melbourne a couple of years ago. Stupidly I sold it to fund another project. Regret that now. Yours looks great
  3. Here's a before and after of my first build. After my kids were born I had heaps more time at home. Really needed to fill in the time. Bought this on e-bay and that was it. I stripped and polished this thing until my fingers bled. At the time I was so proud of it and it ride and stopped well. Mid school wasn't my thing though. I wanted to build some bikes I wanted as a kid but could never have. My first old school build was a bike that an older guy near me had owned when I was a kid. I bought it fairly complete and made some upgrades from there. The rest is history as they say... Happy to say my tastes have changed over time but my love of old school hasn't. Have many to thank for that
  4. Always love seeing those Torkers of yours. Man I love that white Magnum... And the Cruisers!
  5. I have these Galindo mini bars with og bar ends. Anybody know if these had the removable plastic crossbar like the bigger ones had. Thanks