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  1. My current Redline line-up. '81-'82 MX-II '85 PL-24 '85 RL-20 '85 RL-20II
  2. Thanks Joe! Your bikes are badass too. My pleasure. Glad you like both. You're the first to comment on the photography and it's much appreciated. I've been officially welcomed. Balls have been busted by Paul. Thanks buddy!
  3. I'd love to add a Proline to my little collection. Hopefully that'll happen one of these days.
  4. Thanks! I feel very lucky to have acquired that RL-20II. Original finish and decals on that bad boy.
  5. I've made some changes to my lineup and took some new pictures, so I figured it was time to update this thread. I sold the retro PK Ripper I had... just wasn't my thing and it was taking up space. I made a few changes to my MX-II: I bought this '85 PL-24 F/F to replace my earlier model. I changed quite a few parts when I made the switch. I'm very happy with this one and look forward to riding the heck out of it. I bought this pre-serial Pro Racer F/F to replace my Judge F/F. I replaced the 3rd gen Hutch bars with 1st gens and changed a couple other parts. I need older tires now. I also built this RL-20 ProStyler using parts I had leftover from bikes I've parted out. I haven't made any changes to my RL-20II, but I'll throw in a picture anyway, just because it's my favorite and I haven't posted a full shot of it here yet.
  6. Great bike! I love those early Redlines. Hopefully I'll get around to building one myself someday. I'm jealous that you can actually ride that.
  7. Very cool! Congrats on finally getting it finished. That's a tough looking bike.
  8. Psyched to check this out for the first time! Expect to see lots of photos from me.
  9. This is the thread for last year, so I probably shouldn't have bumped it. I didn't think about the fact that there wasn't a year mentioned. Nothing has been planned for 2015 yet. Sorry for the confusion. I was just hoping to stir up a little interest here with a photo from last year.
  10. Always a good time! Hopefully we'll get a Spring ride organized this year.