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  1. I have a good condition set of Comp ST's in orange but they look somewhat sun faded. Is there a way to restore the orange color back close to original? thanks
  2. What about getting blue brake rub off of white Skyways?
  3. Unfortunately I have a bad announcement to make. For several years now I’ve been a source for many of you for repop decals and I’ve always tried to give you guys the best quality decals without charging ridiculous prices. Well unfortunately it appears as if I am no longer going to be able to make decals for this hobby. All this time I have not owned the printing equipment I was using however I did have free use of it all as long as I supplied all my own materials and used my own time. Now the company is under new ownership and management is moving me to a new position where I will no longer have access to the printing equipment. It’s a good move for me job/career wise but of course it’s no good for those who need the decals. I am already looking into purchasing my own equipment so I can get back at it, however it is a substantial investment so it may not be any time soon. If/when I do get the stuff I will let everyone know here that my services are available again. In the meantime I can still make a few last sets before I start my new position however at this time I can only do stuff that I already have files for. No new artwork. I only have 2 more weeks before this move takes place. I will still keep all the current files I have and those will be available to be sent to other printers if we can find someone with the same equipment. Also for me to use should I get my own stuff. Sorry for the bad news. Thank you to all of you that have supported my work in the past, hopefully I'll get back to it someday. Scott
  4. I'm not sure, I have to check my racing schedule. I really want to as I have a couple of new builds (or will by then) that I can bring. The Mach One is just about done. No problem on the decals, just make sure you give me plenty of time as things have gotten pretty busy around here. LMK
  5. Just curious what colors the Odyssey Barefoot tires came in? I only know of 4 colors for sure... black white blue (saw them once in some message boards, never in person) pink (I have a mint pair at home) How rare is that pink set? I've never seen another pair.... and did they come in any other colors like red or green?
  6. Can I just ask you what swap meet this is? I went to one a month ago at Veterans Stadium, walked the entire thing, and didn't see a single bike or bike part but yet I seem to read here almost every month about parts being scored there. What swap meet is this? Perhaps I was not even at the right one.
  7. I've never really felt comfortable on any other kind of bike. I tried MTB's at one time and never stuck with it, then went to riding a 24" bmx and even that didn't feel right so I'm back to riding the same 20 inchers I did BITD. I don't ride all that much but when I do is only on a bmx bike. Hopefully I'll be riding allot more soon as I need the excercise but I'm waiting until I get finished building a bike for my son so we can go riding together. My regualr rider is an old Huffy Pro Lightning.... same thing I rode as a teenager (not the same bike but the same kind). I'll see about taking a pic of it.
  8. Crap. I got stuck at work that night and forgot when I got home. I promise i'll do it tonight Scott. And thanks for the heads up on the Skyway decals. I'll be in touch for sure. Thanks Matt, I apreciate it!
  9. Can anyone hook me up with the proper length of the down tube decal please? I want to make these decals just right.
  10. Thanks Matt, and thanks for the props as well. I made myself some samples of these Mach One decals and they look awesome! I'm quite happy with myself. LOL At least now I'll have the right clear backed ones for my yellow frame rather than the foil backed. I don't keep any decal sets premade but it's no problem at all to print you a brand new set of those Street Beat decals whenever you're ready, just let me know. Thanks again!
  11. bump.... still need the measurements onthe down tube decal if anyone can please help me out.
  12. Great threads Lee. Unfortunately mines is a rebuild with a newly painted frame and it will get built with parts I want to put on it rather than just sticking to stock, then again I only got mine as a f&f so I had no other stock components to use. Do you still have your bike? If so would you be willing to measure the length of your downtube decal so at least I can tell if mine is the right size? Thanks Scott
  13. Well one HUGE problem I'm going to have then is to locate clear backed decals. I thought I was lucky to find these considering AJK is no longer making them. So my options will be to use the foil decals, build the bike naked and hope and pray to find clear ones, or repop the decals myself. Not like I can't pull that off since I've repopped hundred of bike decals already, in fact I've already drawn the artwork but just have a little bit of a problem matching the blue. Any of you guys know where I can get a set of clear backed decals?