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  1. I picked this from my friend Len when he decided to move it on. He'd had the frame & forks since 96 and had it had been stashed in his room after he moved onto another bike. The chrome is in amazing condition! 


    It's not built as he had it back in 96 but I've been talking to him about how I was going to build it and what parts were going on ... so its fully LLP approved :-)


    1996 S&M Holmes Oversize with Pitchforks
    S&M Race bars
    Araya RB17 rims laced to Crupi hubs
    Profile cranks
    Profile Whippet chainwheel
    Selle Italia seat
    Jive grips
    Primo Dirt Monster 1.75 / 1.95 tyres
    Base Brooklyn pad set
    Ron C headwrap ( used as cable wrap and brake lever cover )
    Jive handle grips
    FSA Pig headset
    S&M pedals
    Diatech Hombre w/ VG cable hanger - Dia Compe Tech77 locking lever
    Primo Rod seatpost
    VG seat clamp





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  2. Thanks fellas ... it also won me 1st place in the RADBMX MK16 S&S for Best Midschool Freestyle bike ... plus the trophy was presented by Mr Bob Haro :-)




    Here's the full build spec ... I was trying to get as many UK parts in as possible :


    Frame - Lightweight prototype Zima w/slidling post - raw
    Forks - Zima short legged - chrome
    Bars - GSPOrT Wunderbar - raw
    Wheels - ACS RL Edge rims laced to PE Engineering hubs
    Stem - TNT - alloy
    Tyres - ACS True 100 - 2.00
    Grips - Bubble font A'me Tri - white
    Bar ends - Peregrine
    Levers - ACS '7' -  silver
    Front brake - Reaction ACS Boa Megabrake - alloy
    Rear break - Dia Compe AD990 with GSPOrT Nuggets- alloy
    Gyro - Odyssey with GSPOrT Ring piece
    Cables - Odyssey Slic - white
    Cranks - GT Profile - chrome
    Chainwheel - GT - alloy
    Pedals - GT DX - alloy
    Chain - Izumi - silver
    Seat - Icaselle - white
    Seat post - Zima seat post - raw
    Seat clamp - custom Zima - alloy
    Pegs - Backyard Yardstix - chrome

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  3. Thought you guys would like a look at my latest mid school build ... a 94 prototype sliding post Zima. These were made in the early 90s in England by Steve Geall ... this one was a prototype as it was made from lighter weight tubing than other Zimas ( renown for their strength ... and weight! )


    Hope you like it :-)


    For more info on Zimas check out this link : http://www.radbmx.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,182160.0.html




    Screen shot 2016-05-22 at 20.17.50.png