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  1. bri2theb

    Sick ride
  2. I just bought this off a good friend of mine. He told me he bought it around 81 as a Frame and Forks. So I was thinking it's an 81. As I'm cleaning it up I notice the serial number is on the drops and it's 011795. Then I call my friend and ask him if he knew any more info. He says he bought it from a bike shop in Lemon Grove. He first saw it when the shop first opened in 1979 and saved his money up for around a year and a half or so then bought it. He rode it for about 2 years then stopped riding when his friend who he rode with died. It has sat mostly in his basement for the last 30 years. It was covered in rust but cleaned up nicely. I'm not sure if it's a Gary Turner or a GT. He say's the stickers are all original. If anyone knows how I can figure this out please let me know. Killer find either way!