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  1. Thanks fellas. Good ol Pentax K1000 and a roll of TRI-X 400. I was just hoping to meet Oz...or Windy
  2. It's pretty much happened again. To be truthful, I see it as a bubble (guys of a certain age and all), but it's cool to see the stuff surface and be appreciated(?) RARE Old School BMX 1976 FMF Breithaupt Replica Frame w_ OG RED Paint & Decals! _ eBay.htm
  3. oh...and here's me on it, DFL. The pics above are when I got some "race wheels"
  4. Your bump reminded me. My '77 in '77.
  5. Elite Test: May '77 Minicycle/BMX Action
  6. ...and seatpost height. I get corrected now by 9 and 10 year olds.
  7. Don't you kinda get the idea that product placement wasn't so militant?
  8. Some real next level shit would be balancing, on the bike, one wheel on each turntable...
  9. cool time capsule. nobody even trimmed the axles.
  10. OP shorts were rad, I surprised someone didn't try corduroy.
  11. I wanna see those advertised "SUEDE PADS"
  12. BMXA June 1977 Introducing Speedo tubular forks
  13. That's a trip. Nice find. These barn finds always blow me away. You mentioned you aren't gonna clean it, at least go ride it; it's been sitting so long it may think it's a clothes rack or a door stop.