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  1. I've feared that myself on my own forum. Seven years of content with 4,95755 posts would be interesting if Photobucket ever tanked. I've always been hesitant to allow photo uploads because of server storage concerns. Oh well, I guess I like to live on the edge....ha ha. Also helps for accessing site at work! DoD blocks photo servers!
  2. believes it's not about the bike. . . or the drama.

  3. Cut me a little slack. . . I'm still hacking up Afghani crud from my lungs. . . Are there any hills? Some may remember the Hoboken ride (I got the poo on me). I hate hills! If hills aren't an issue, I may have an interesting Big Daddy with some history done by then.
  4. Hitman, that's textbook survivor repo right there. Good save.
  5. Gears came in today. No waiting for me on the hills this time!
  6. If chromey goes, I'll go. I'll be cheating this time:
  7. 2-Hip Meet the Street Brooklin Banks thread and no picture of Large Ray and the "Rayfro"?! I am dissappoint