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  1. Thanks. Didn't know if that was an odd size or something.
  2. No worries. I'm learning as I go. I really appreciate all your input. Spending my time on here, the Kuwahara site and looking at photos on BMX museum to learn the differences. Are tubes readily available at a bike shop or online? Back one leaks.
  3. I posted a picture on the vintage snowmobile site I am on a lot and holy cow, there are lots of BMX guys there too. One of them thought to might be an Apollo. The serial number is T2L2388. I know stuff can be replaced, but this looks to have Apollo pedals and a KYZ seat. Any telltale ways to determine KYZ or Apollo?
  4. I definitely can see the difference now. I saw a picture labeled as a KZ2 that had a looptail. That's why I thought I had a KZ2. I appreciate the education. I'm so green on these, but eager to learn.
  5. Thanks. I just went to another site and looked at both and now see the difference. There is almost an identical KYZ on the other site. Thanks again.
  6. How should I clean up the spokes? What are they made of or coated with? I don't want to screw up and polish off a zinc playing or coating or something. Also I thought it was a KZ2 but "I am the Owl" said it is a KYZ. What are the differences between the two. And yes, I will pull the bars back a little.....
  7. A few more photos and details: Elina BMX seat KKT-AMX Pedals Kendra Tires Front Rim is an Araya? font was hard to read Rear rim Axle has STW, Made in Japan stamped on it. Everything rotates smoothly, wheels crank, etc. Seat post moves up and down freely. Left pedal has a bend in it, Right one has a cracked reflector. (I call that "as raced condition" lol)
  8. Thanks for all the comments, help and advise. I understand how the "what it's worth" questions go From my vintage snowmobile knowledge. It's just ones opinion, but that's all I was looking for so I appreciate any opinion. On the sled site you get the wise guy answers like "whatever someone will pay". Thanks again. I hope to knock the dust off and get some better pictures posted.
  9. I recently became an owner of what I believe is a 1982 Kuwahara. Is it a KZ-1, KZ-2? This is my first BMX bike and I know nothing about them except for my internet search last night. I have a boat load of questions....... How can I tell what name brand the rims are? I know it has Dia Compe brakes with MX levers. Chrome is good on the handle bars, sprocket and rims and should clean up well. The paint on the forks is pretty chipped, but the rest of the frame is in really good shape. I am into vintage snowmobiles and I know with them original condition is key on certain models and restoration is ok on others. Would it be best to leave this bike as is, with it's patina (a survivor), clean it up, restore? And finally, the question we all hate on the snowmobile forum....what's it worth? I plan on taking more pictures tonight or many of the details. Are there any clubs in the New England Area? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.