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  1. No, sorry... but there is an event called "spring fling" that is in Florida. When is this one on Florida taking place?
  2. Thanks for posting and let us know this is still alive. Is there any plan to do something sometime in the Atlanta area?
  3. Share pics of your 77 DB. I just picked-up an 84 Diamond Back II Silver Streak - complete survivor. Cant wait to clean it!!!
  4. That Tahoe frame looks a lot like a Hutch racing fame, except for the support between the top and down tubes. What about the rear brake bridge. IT looks flat like Hutch, but cant see the drilled hole and the way it is attached to the seat stays. Even the forks legs are rounded like Hutch "Judge" forks. The main difference is the dropouts.
  5. epdcidra


    Are these pads up for sale?