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  1. Thanks guys, I appreciate the help and insight.
  2. Nice collection of decals! So, this bike was not misrepresented by the seller, he was totally up front and told me that is the way it was found years ago. He was in the process of restoring it, that's why it has semi fresh powder coating. There are no structural issues with it, no rewelds, no rust, nothing bent. The additional gussets are not hacked in, or put in to hide anything. In fact whomever did put the gussets in did a very clean job, very nice welds. As far as the overly overt display of the serial number, the previous owner had the powder coaters tape it so it didn't fill with powder and be unreadable. This bike started life as a single gusset monoshock, and still is. It actually rides exactly the same as the one I had in 75. My reason for posting this, was to gain any additional information on who might have done the additional work, since this is a research section, not to be bashed by the members.
  3. A few of mine for your viewing pleasure.....
  4. Need help with this guy. I picked up this Webco monoshock this weekend. It has extra gussets in a few areas, most noteably the ones added to the front gusset and bottom bracket. It has the early, single gusset inside the outer plates. I have heard from two different sources that you could order extra gussets from the factory? Anybody else heard of this? The welds on the gussets match the rest of the frame. Any input from the resident experts?
  5. Thanks to Steve and the Society for puttng on the BOTY competition and to everybody that took the time to enter their fine rides into it as well as vote. My 1990 Holmes was my first entry and first class win. It was exciting watching the votes add up, and stressfull at the end when Smokin Steve was gaining fast....good times! Cant wait till next years competition, i have a few under construction that will be entere if we do this again.
  6. Thanks for all the input, its been a big help. Found a Cook Bros BB for it. Still would like to know what is in it. Saw that style BB with the spring spacers one other time.
  7. Thanks for the responses. Any ideas which bb is in it now? Instead of normal spacers, there are springs on the spindle.
  8. Looking for Cook Bros parts

  9. I recently acquired this '79 Cook Bros frame/fork/BB set. I would like to know if anybody can ID the BB and is there a way to remove it without destroying it. The bearings have a few rough spots in them and I'd like to fix it. This is my first CBR with the euro BB and really want to make it right. Also looking for a decal set as well. Thanks!