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  1. when have you known me to not be serious about this topic ...
  2. word on the street is Race Inc. may be on the same path with the centerline fork ...... ☠️
  3. bottema forks ...licensed reissues... (as if it makes it okay)
  4. speed unlimited (as noted) is the very first connection i make jeff utterback would be the next
  5. oh and the internationals were around in the late 70s but as a 1st gen - the fins were glued to the pad they changed to the 2 nd gens in the very early 80s, where the pads and fins could be swapped, mix matched or replaced allot easier ... skyway also had them making all their pads for them at the time and both were rather pricy for the times
  6. kool stop internationals - with the grey rubber, meant specifically for aluminum rims some may not know but back then black was meant for steel - salmon was universal - grey was strictly for alloy and wouldnt mar ur rims as much (or kill the ano as quick) i ran the one pair on most my bikes in the early 80s till i got my DYD in 84 --- but then when the fressyle era hit colors were all the rage so i got a pair of green skyway freestyle pads - the longer submarine looking style - forgot the model name for them atm.
  7. the brands and rider names on the card just behind the grips would have me thinkin' MX more so
  8. damn didnt realize you grabbed that ano floval from Roberto or his friend (?) remember seeing that at the last reunion a few yrs back sick
  9. maybe for other crank set ups they work well - but not for 401.... they stack too wide and rarely sit well in most frames witha a 401 they normally wont fit the lock nut and come loose quite often hadley, suntour and bmx specialties work best on flights imho
  10. first off, thanks to all those that voted for my build and in general overall ! came close, but there was allot of quality competition to take on as usual - nice job guys. second, CONGRATS to all the class winners, thanks for sharing and keeping the wheels in motion .... see ya next yr !!!!!
  11. tough decision --- personally --- i'd probably leave them on the side and let them idle for a while i've never been one to resto or refinish - for one its very costly and the results are rarely what one was hoping (thats from word of mouth over the yrs) ..... to me rechrome never comes out looking like it did bitd, so it kills it for me same goes with powder, its usually too thick or not the exact shade etc - plus i dont think anything was that special i couldn't wait for a better condition rep to surface and take its place i had one bike minorly repaired in all these yrs and i was a bit disappionted with its outcome - so i have another frameset i stripped of its refinish over 12 yrs ago and i dont think i could ever have it repainted its og color or let go of it - oddly enough though i finally came up with a proper idea for a build with it, i plan to have it finished as soon as this house hunt thing gets settled i'm sure you have other projects to address - just leave it on the side like Mark implied and see if other things lend to its final conclusion
  12. i have about 5/6 on the table - but in the midst of a move i had to put everything on hold for the time being .... i plan on finishing each (as i have most every part needed for them, just maybe need to build they're wheels) and there is 2 left on the wish list, if they ever get offered up i'd like to give a go, but its not a do or die thing - ive been lucky enough to have had or still own those that meant the most to me
  13. THATs RED..... and RAD ! patina is sick on that.
  14. It's finally gotten to me - I'm burnt on the scene and the mind state.... pretty much sucks imho. there very little left in the term "vintage bmx collecting" - everything at this point has been pretty much exploited.
  15. quick service announcement ... seems the JMC racing website store has been having a few issues recieving messages - especially from yahoo and possibly gmail addresses ... they are in the process of fixing the issue in the meantime you can email directly at jmcbmxstore@gmail.com cheers
  16. oh okay - i wasnt aware they used ceramic balls as opposed to steel, i'll have to look into that - its pretty cool if they are ive never personally chased mxr hubs because they dont fit in my time frame of interest - but you got me curious as to why they differ from most others my 1st gen DK spin quite well, as do my OMAS - that would give my campy a run