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  1. That does look great. You ever use one of those coaster brake straps that have the rubber on them? You can get them from the hardware store. They are for strapping conduit to walls.
  2. Did you get to go on the roof of the bus to check out the turret? I wonder what happened to that half pipe trailer that Van's had back then? Must have been weird riding that with a clear deck surface.
  3. That drawing reminded me of the old theme park maps, The dogs behind the concession stand are a nice touch.
  4. I tested my theory and it worked. I had to use the 25th Rad thread on the other site since I had a hard time finding dead links here.
  5. I wonder if using the "wayback machine" over at archive.org could recover some of the lost photos?
  6. I think you can still get ethanol free fuel at marinas.
  7. I have to agree with big fire. First thing I thought when I saw that picture was; I thought that was called ABA Action.
  8. There was someone on here and/or the museum who had a one off aluminum early mountain bike that had similar drop outs. But if I remember correctly that was your bike.
  9. Hey Steve do you have a link for Hey Zeus Publishing? Are they the guys that had a band called Hey Zeus out of Austin or San Antonio about 25 years ago? Seems like they named it that after a priest named Jesus that helped them get started. Thanks again for the tour of your shop when a couple of friends and I were at Empire back in September of 2013.
  10. http://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/bik/5896360297.html Is this a Yamaha or a knock off?
  11. Nice attic Yardsale. The Farrah poster is a nice touch; pairs up nice with that sweet Schwinn. You know a collection is nice when you see over a dozen bikes you like even better than the first one that caught your eye.
  12. Post a picture when you can. I would like to see that bread loaf.
  13. I was wondering if there was a connection after seeing a couple of number plates with the Zephyr over the top. That would be cool if Stacy Peralta ends up doing a couple of movies like sequels to Dogtown and Z Boys and Lords of Dogtown. Its a shame Mitch Hedburg is gone it would have been funny to see him reprise the Urethane Guy role with Zytel.
  14. "Insight Loser Take All" It looks like the June 77 edition of BMXA that the bike shop guy gave Panchito at 3:48. Thanks for re-uploading that video.
  15. I just use new Comp IIIs. I have been meaning to pick up some of the new snake bellys. Just yesterday I had to tell someone that I would not want them to ride one of my bikes just because the tires are from 84.