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  1. Had a set of those axles. Can't remember who made them though. I want to say Hutch???
  2. Is this Mikey Dread reggae DJ? I'm still finding parts in boxes. Puled out half a dozen Terry Cables the other day along with a roll of SE blue Dia Comp cable and some Rad Caps. It never ends... Thanks. Many have said I was insane. LOL! The drag boat is my toy and costs me more to maintain than any bike ever did. We have a wakeboard boat for the family that was also bought with bike parts. Still have the VW Notchback that I traded the Patty 24 to Code Blue. Hope that bike didn't get parted out.
  3. Who's doing the Basset's? Johnny or someone else? Basset still makes drag boat stuff and I used to love riding around on my 24" at the boat races. The few that knew what it was were all over it and a few had old ones in their trailers. Not sure I'd be into a retro Basset, but I am curious what the story is.
  4. LOL! What's funny is when I bought my Kappa pit back last year my wife said "No! You are not doing this again!!" I had a good chunk of it before I met her, but there were many a day spent searching Ebay that could have been spent doing other things. Unfortunately I can't find the pic's of the Nomura's or the Patterson's. The Patty's were always my favorite and I have very few pics of them. With all the stuff I came across today that I had forgotten about, I seriously wonder what else I don't remember. This is STR-1's before he got to see it. Bike is insane!
  5. although almost all my bikes are gone, I do have things to show for it. My kids benefited greatly and I built a toy or two for myself.
  6. Me either, but it's on the internet so it must be true! C-Dick could wheelie for days I'll give him that. Wheelied the piss out of Wade's 26/24 when I wasn't looking.
  7. That was a fun build. Rare ass frame too. The few I saw were always ground up as the pegs were part of the frame. I don't have pic's of the green Haro Master I did. It was just as crazy. No idea where either are now... The Bandito was cool. I think Jeff Haney got it from me in a trade. good place for it to be. Also did an orange freestyle Quad with the orange tuffs etc. I used more black on the Quad though. It went to Australia if I remember right. That was one of the frames leftover from the SE European Tour that I got from Jeff. Good times and memories and only a few regrets.
  8. Some pics from the Yosemite takeover. Back when we were young....
  9. Sod, there's bikes I don't remember having. The yellow 26" VRP, pink quad, double down tube Vector and the Hustler pit are just a few. WTF was I thinking selling the 26" I have no idea..... Larock got a few more than that. The 26" champion cruiser and his son's black quad are but a few of them. I know who has the PK XXL and I know where the quad pit is. No idea where the purple Kappa went either.