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  1. I don't own a candy blue PK anymore, Brian. Sold the last one to you.
  2. here's my Quadangle in the first gen graphite configuration
  3. Let's see bikes with Tuff Wheels on them. Go... my submission in first pic in comments. Included here among the old ads and product profiles is a chart by Curb Dog Maurice Meyer (thank you for your research) and a photo key of the flanges that my photo attributes to Warren Eales, so thanks to Warren for his research as well. Really helpful details you guys have compiled.
  4. S.Brothers

    Sales Test

    so I see that somehow this practice sale seems to have been auto-emailed to all members. My apologies... I have no idea how that happened!
  5. hmmm.... apparently I somehow auto e-mailed all members of the site with the trial sale listing. Weird. Not sure how that happened.
  6. By the way, inputting your item into the "Offers" app will automatically place it in the sales forum when you finish. It will be there, you do not have to start from the sales forum, just from the tab access above as mentioned - and that is the case no matter what page you are on. At present I noticed the sales app does not seem to be able to auto resize photos. I will try to get that addressed.
  7. so, as mentioned, I've installed a whole new sales app here, and you can use it to sell with fixed price, auction, or a hybrid - auction with buy it now price. You access this function by choosing the "Create" content dropdown tab in the header of the page by your name and quick access options in the upper right of your screen. Click the "Create" tab and then drop down and click "offers". "OFFERS" is sort of the name of the sales app, I guess you could say. Once you click in there, you can just explore and trial and error out your listing. At some point, I'll put something up that is actually for sale, but I can't access that stuff at the moment, so just doing sample trial sales to practice on the new software.
  8. S.Brothers

    Sales Test

    though this is not for sale, please do bid, just so we can test functions
  9. S.Brothers

    Sales Test

    View Offer Sales Test This bike is not for sale. Again... just testing functions Price $0.00 Submitter S.Brothers Submitted 11/17/2019 Category BMX Parts
  10. look at that... true survivors are magical also, brings thoughts of our late homegirl, Misty to mind. Though this is quite a different frame, I actually don't remember the rear drop configuration being like this on a Raleigh.
  11. thanks, yeah... I can't figure out how to fix that support issue at the moment. I think that support button is more of a "report an issue" type of support, now that I have poked around a bit. Still broke, even for that though... LOL
  12. goo off or similar would probably take that overspray off in a flash if you were so inclined. I probably would, though I can appreciate leaving it too.
  13. this is a rad story and excellent bike... this is a very similar situation to me acquiring the old neighborhood quad from one of my old friends last year. It IS still magical to throw a leg over a bike you knew personally back in the day, even if not your own... a good piece from the inner neighborhood circle is a wonderful stand in for the long gone personal piece. Great looking bike.