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  1. I had no recollection of this... pretty interesting, though sounds like they should not have gone the ultra budget route. If people were interested, and based on the quotes, seems they were... probably should have just made something quality to kick it all off. Aerolite Tech 2200
  2. I just recently posted that BMX Action cover and Poor Boy Steve made some comment... I didn't understand... but it might have been about these figures.
  3. We (As the BMX Society) have an "affiliate" relationship now with Rail the Berm. Shortly after the BMX Society / Valley Relics show last spring, I did a podcast episode with the Rail the Berm guys, which was the segue into a relationship rooted in mutual promotion. These Rail the Berm dudes are cool - not really collectors, they are more core racing dudes. It's a good show by dudes who are passionate about BMX racing and race culture. Let's support them by giving a listen and share. They are doing the same for us.
  4. Tom's PLME that was cut in half... great customization actually. Tom sold it about 10 years ago and regrets it.
  5. Alexa, a lot of people have sort of settled in to Facebook and don't come to the actual site much anymore. We have BMX Society group there too, if you want to join. In the mean time, I'll see if I can make sure that your contact info gets to someone with John George's contact details.
  6. I think everything is working now with the database. Try it out.
  7. it all works, you just need to drop a new pic in there... it would look better when you look at the thread if you just update your broken photo link on your profile page.
  8. The true STR-1, with the under the bottom bracket tubing, that "cradles" the bottom bracket never was a production bike. A number of team riders probably rode one for testing and feedback purposes. There are only 2 existing STR-1 frames known. Note: Some people insist that what we know as the earliest loop tail quad was also an STR-1, even without the under the bb tubing. Some people also assert that there were quadangles out in 79 - beyond team riders, there is no objective evidence that is actually the case. Below are photos of the actual STR-1's known to the community. The first one was this one: and the more recent one that surfaced a couple years ago is this one: