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  1. looks like just what it is - authentic time capsule
  2. Folks, some have noticed but a lot didn't even seem to miss it... but we are a week or so late on beginning BOTY. I don't really want to do it, to be honest. I'm pretty busy and have tried to see if others are willing to take it on and no one seems to really be interested. The other issue is that I cannot figure out how to hot link the entries on the ballot to the bike's post, as we have always done in the past. If you check out the old BOTY's you will notice the ballots links are all dead now because this new version of the software is not allowing html code on the ballot app. Not sure if people are following what I am saying, but basically it used to be that when you went over the choices when deciding who to vote for, you could click on each choice on the ballot, and it would take you to that bike. Now that hot link to the bikes no longer works. Not the end of the world but kind of not ideal at all. Anyway... if there's a fair bit of interest, I'd still consider doing maybe an open class.... no individual classes. I don't know. As I say... I just don't really have interest in running/managing the BOTY event... I'm going to be travelling over Christmas, and frankly, wouldn't mind just not having to worry about it. That said... as I say, hate to disappoint folks, so if there is a considerable interest, I will reconsider.
  3. are you having posting problems? I see the photo, but the lack of explanation is odd, and I can see attempts to edit were made. Just wanted to see if you were able to upload everything that you intended to post.
  4. good stuff! Looks like some good stuff came out.
  5. This is super interesting... Brian Patterson was apparently giving some thought to getting that Mongoose Money! Not sure if this ever happened or not. May 1984 BMX Plus
  6. Hi Debbie, tough time of year for personal splurges, but that said... I'm interested as I've been considering a TA. I e-mailed you. That said... this link will explain how to access the new sales platform available to all members: Steve
  7. Starting a new thread here because this was buried in another thread with an ambiguous title years ago.. it needs to be easy to access. Thanks to Jeff Haney for reminding me this was buried on the site. RRS always had a cutting edge orientation... concentric bottom bracket, canti brakes, 24 inch cruisers etc etc This was there dalliance with wheel size configurations
  8. gonna add this here as well, I just put it in the FMF thread, but here Jeff Utterback explains how the SE team nearly rode R&R's instead of FMF's in the days before SE had their own frames
  9. Utterback explains how SE almost rode R&R's instead of FMF's Utterback
  10. Love this pic. Mike Ruffing on an R&R with interesting details. Also an ad, sorry no date, but thanks to Dav451 for posting it.
  11. Please add everything related to R&R in this thread. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to add dates and sources for print ads and info, if at all possible. If you don't have any info - it's fine, post it anyway. The "ideal" of course would be to cite all sources including date of publication. Sometimes it's not possible, which is ok. courtesy of Bryan Dworshak, I have here what is thus far the earliest print ad we've found. September 1975 BMX News