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  1. hm, this video appears ready to play on a phone but on the desk top it just shows as an upload that one has to click. IMG_7867.MOV
  2. likely to be 2021 at this point it looks like... nothing is set but with the general way things are going in terms of large gatherings... the possibility of this year is getting dimmer.
  3. this is actually a totally bad ass bike
  4. yep, would love to see what you are working with.... photo hosting is free here
  5. Laguna, PL1, cook brothers, xcalibur, powerlite, suntour dia compe
  6. S.Brothers

    very cool bike Richard, and great insights to the history and geometry
  7. 1977. Drake Turnage (in the Husqvarna jersey), Scot Breithaupt (FMF) and Rob Lynch on the right. Bakersfield, CA.
  8. 16 & Over Expert main crosses the finish line at Nov. 28, 1976 NBA Mongoose Grand Nationals at Orange County International Raceway. 699
  9. wow. TRB frames are bitchin'. That Torker is no slouch either. Dope bikes, lay the Euro tour on us!