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  1. 1977. Drake Turnage (in the Husqvarna jersey), Scot Breithaupt (FMF) and Rob Lynch on the right. Bakersfield, CA.
  2. 16 & Over Expert main crosses the finish line at Nov. 28, 1976 NBA Mongoose Grand Nationals at Orange County International Raceway. 699
  3. wow. TRB frames are bitchin'. That Torker is no slouch either. Dope bikes, lay the Euro tour on us!
  4. Mike Devitt and Scot Breithaupt Jr at the OM's celebration of life in Long Beach. wow.
  5. Stu, Mike, Perry at Scot's celebration of life in LB.
  6. Mike was naturally a BMX Society Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. He did not get enough credit in my opinion. Frankly... even as revered as he was, he was a MUCH bigger deal than he ever let on, or is generally understood. He was a mover and shaker from the very beginning of BMX. Legend of the highest caliber. Mike's quality of life had plummeted in the wake of some strokes the past few years. This is tough. He was a sweet guy... really kind and patient to moto-filler dudes like many of us were and are, and until his health gave out...he was always up for answering some research questions.
  7. Sad news today, one of the most important pioneers of BMX left us this morning. Mike Devitt was a legend and had a hand in some of the most notable brands of not just BMX, but Action Sports - Makaha Skateboards, Dan Gurney, Bike-Ette, Dirt Master, SE Racing and Alliant. Mike Devitt was a gem and naturally he was a BMX Society Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient.
  8. bump for addictions and refinement
  9. this thread is interesting on a number of levels LOL
  10. man... looking real good on each one. These are nice... real nice.