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  1. bump missed some... can't remember what they were at the moment, bumping for when I remember
  2. S.Brothers

  3. I tried to link back to this thread from Facebook, dudes won't leave FB though... they just post their bikes on the thread on FB. That is really bizarre... I'm talking about dudes who are members here in many cases.
  4. wow, I now have 2 bikes that are gems - the GT and the Quad, both with links to my childhood, that lived here within 15 minutes of where I live now in Oregon, I had them in Long Beach and now both have returned to Oregon... trippy
  5. Rick Twomey of Rick's Bike Shop fame's birthday is a holiday for us... the man had such an impact on BMX, this site and indeed... Rick continues to have a deep impact on my life personally - and that may sound melodramatic, but I assure you - it is literally true. Where I live and what I do for a living now... all of it is connected to my relationship to Rick. This is not lost on me. Forever grateful and with deep respect... Happy Birthday Rick
  6. trying to decide whether to unbox this... nearly all my bikes are still boxed from the move.