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  1. Bart over at FatBMX is doing a series of collector profiles. Gamstetter, JT, Shannon Gillette, Steve Blackey, Pat A Lar, GAry from Museum, myself and others have already been posted. Kind of an interesting cross section of perspectives from the collector community. Here's mine: https://www.fatbmx.com/bmx-oldskool/item/52674-preserving-bmx-history-steve-brothers-usa
  2. had not seen that... I am numb but anyway... no brazing no sting
  3. Bump dig deep and add dates... please do dig deep though
  4. hmm... I'm gonna guess $2k minimum for frame fork even if repainted. Frankly... I don't even remember any recent sales to compare it to. This is a rare frame set... I have a frame. I need the GJS freestyle forks. Probably just going to end up substituting for something else since the forks are ultra scarce. I had an offer come in for some reproductions LOL! ... naturally had to pass on that. Of course my GJS Big Tube frame didn't have Big Tube forks but then some were found... so you just never know. A hen's tooth sometimes turns up.
  5. "real deal left over seat post coins" too bad those even exist...
  6. I'm numb to this stuff now... I do hope Jeff benefits, he could use a steady residual (couldn't we all, but you know what I mean).
  7. haven't seen it... no link added to the thread.... so probably won't see it LOL
  8. I've actually talked with Dom at length about this project. I concede that while it will come as news to no one... neither myself, nor the majority of you here are big reproduction fans. LOL.... That said... Dom does good projects, and I've come to understand that often these companies must have a profit angle, or they simply can't justify the expense of supporting projects like this... and by projects "like this"., I mean this sort of deep dive, documentary style stuff that Dom Phipps does. He's the guy that did the Freestyle books, as most will recall... and those are really well done, and important documents. Anyway... point is, in order to make these things happen, and they require a tremendous amount of time and indeed, expense... I do understand how doing a bike throwback can make these things possible.
  9. Try this for JMC threads with JMC in the title of the thread: https://bmxsociety.com/search/?&q=jmc&search_and_or=or&search_in=titles
  10. good stuff... Long Beach has changed a lot. I included the BUMS Saddleback cards... would love to find more details about the Saddleback angle.