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  1. so rad, Brian... sounds like you're having a blast
  2. interesting... I haven't seen any go near that... I'm out of the loop I guess.
  3. no, that's unrelated. Our show probably won't happen this summer. Not totally out of the question, but probably unlikely at this point. I got a text from Oz today, we are only just beginning to consider options.
  4. Ely https://www.fatbmx.com/bmx-oldskool/item/53069-preserving-bmx-history-episode-57-ely-thomas-usa
  5. Steve BigFire Firestein https://www.fatbmx.com/bmx-oldskool/item/53003-preserving-bmx-history-episode-50-steve-firestein-usa
  6. Our dude, Tom Keep it Warm https://www.fatbmx.com/bmx-oldskool/item/52940-preserving-bmx-history-tom-sustarich-usa
  7. BMXsociety research badge wearer: MarkMc https://www.fatbmx.com/bmx-oldskool/item/52933-preserving-bmx-history-mark-mccorkle-usa
  8. Alvin the motherfuckin' man Mullins: https://www.fatbmx.com/bmx-oldskool/item/52967-preserving-bmx-history-episode-46-alvin-mullins-usa
  9. This will have very little value in the vintage bmx scene.... it may have a bit of nostalgic appeal to the individual who actually had one, and I'd guess that wouldn't be an easy sale either. This is a budget toy, not really a bmx bike.
  10. time capsule whip for sure....I like your trade story
  11. Sodbuster, hot off the presses: https://fatbmx.com/bmx-oldskool/item/52712-preserving-bmx-history-og-brian-gutierrez-usa
  12. Bart over at FatBMX is doing a series of collector profiles. Gamstetter, JT, Shannon Gillette, Steve Blackey, Pat A Lar, GAry from Museum, myself and others have already been posted. Kind of an interesting cross section of perspectives from the collector community. Here's mine: https://www.fatbmx.com/bmx-oldskool/item/52674-preserving-bmx-history-steve-brothers-usa
  13. had not seen that... I am numb but anyway... no brazing no sting
  14. Bump dig deep and add dates... please do dig deep though
  15. hmm... I'm gonna guess $2k minimum for frame fork even if repainted. Frankly... I don't even remember any recent sales to compare it to. This is a rare frame set... I have a frame. I need the GJS freestyle forks. Probably just going to end up substituting for something else since the forks are ultra scarce. I had an offer come in for some reproductions LOL! ... naturally had to pass on that. Of course my GJS Big Tube frame didn't have Big Tube forks but then some were found... so you just never know. A hen's tooth sometimes turns up.
  16. "real deal left over seat post coins" too bad those even exist...
  17. I'm numb to this stuff now... I do hope Jeff benefits, he could use a steady residual (couldn't we all, but you know what I mean).
  18. haven't seen it... no link added to the thread.... so probably won't see it LOL