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  1. Sean Ewing just posted this from the Scot stash, on the BMXsociety FB page. Very sick. Greg Hill for FMF
  2. good stuff... I love Phil stuff... not sure why, it's super simple and a spider is a spider, but the hubs are total butter and I always ran them as a did too. Some hate on them... I've never had any trouble with any of mine over the last 40 years.
  3. yeah, it is cool, just thinking about this today as Narler came up in our SE group on FB.
  4. another perfect composition... looks totally real as usual. Really like it.
  5. interesting... pretty long, eh for 85? Do you know where it was made?
  6. This is a good race, heavy gate full of former A list old school racers and lingering bad asses... http://www.bmxnews.com/2020/03/18/connor-reviews-the-51-over-expert-grands-main/?fbclid=IwAR2Iq36QfrV3KDhfobGL6ASt9mbGBCR03VXVsVCaG7jq0BJKlv0-d3nLP-c
  7. geez.... so sick that is a real nice addition... you needed to tune into cruisers
  8. It's official, folks. We'll regroup after all this blows over. We'll put this extra time to good use... this event will only be better when we return with new dates. You can expect everything to be the same or better, just at a later date. Thanks and stay healthy, everybody!
  9. One of our principle considerations is Bob himself. Our guest of honor, Bob Osborn is a robust 82 years old. Bob is a badass. Despite his vigor, we must acknowledge the fact that this Covid 19 preys on his demographic. I know we'll all agree with no hesitation... we aren't doing anything to put this guy at risk. That ain't happening. What a special person, an artist, an old school frontier philosopher and documentarian type... and he happily allows us to claim him for BMX. He's so humble about it all, but he must have some sense of how the very DNA of BMX is replete with Bob Osborn and Wizard Publications genes. The guy is a treasure. Anyway - long live Oz and we'll see him when we see him. https://youtu.be/mdty2s_0ayk
  10. Well, I guess at this stage, this will not come as a surprise to anyone. We'll regroup after the covid 19 situation stabilizes and choose a new date. Everything will be the same or better, just later. This is something we could never have foreseen, but... we'll be fine. More time to prepare, and we'll put that to good use. Bob is on board, Oakley is board... we'll just lay back in the cut and pick a new date when this all blows over.
  11. hey, just pulled this post out of the old BOTY thread. it'll get more attention here.
  12. frankly the recent retro OM flyers from the 2000's don't always retain value very well. Some of the rarer finishes have a bit of a following, but there were generally a lot of them, and they were made pretty recently so not so hard to come by. Your best bet would be searching the OM Flyers of your same vintage on Ebay for price comparisons. I think new a complete is in the $800's? Not even sure about that.
  13. Who would have guessed, eh friends? Strange times. We are not cancelling. I am announcing the very real, looming possibility of a postponement. I encourage everyone making travel plans to hold. There are many factors in play. I have been in close consultation with Oakley and Bob Osborn. We are NOT calling it right now... but it's looking increasingly likely we will have a postponement. Oakley is a very big company and as you might imagine, they have a very deep aversion to risk. They don't like it. Nobody does, but as BMXers, we have tendency to "go for it". Point being... it's not entirely up to us. This is disappointing in some sense of course... but again - this is not a cancellation and will not be. At most, we may have a postponement. And THAT - a postponement, is looking very likely at this stage to be honest. I felt it was important to put this out as soon as possible. We need to slow our rolls on prep for the show. Did not see this one coming... but all we can do is adjust. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience and support.
  14. The BMX Society Show 2020 with Life Time Achievement Award Presentation to Bob Osborn What: BMX Society Show & Bob Osborn Lifetime Achievement Award & Symposium When: May 15th evening, Saturday May 16th 9am to 4pm Where: The Oakley facility One Icon Foothill Ranch, CA 92610 Tickets and Bike Show Registration Info Coming later in March
  15. Really well executed. Can't fault that bike in any way.
  16. Oregon in the winter... It seems like it’s cloudy ️if not raining every weekend, so today the sun was shining and I had to get out in it
  17. woah... have to say Hays, when you hit me up for help on pics, I didn't expect this. I didn't see this one coming and all the sudden you have the deepest collection in the world of early 2k's GHP's. And you did go deep!
  18. From the February 1981 BMX Plus... here's a 10lb bike with specs