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  1. The true STR-1, with the under the bottom bracket tubing, that "cradles" the bottom bracket never was a production bike. A number of team riders probably rode one for testing and feedback purposes. There are only 2 existing STR-1 frames known. Note: Some people insist that what we know as the earliest loop tail quad was also an STR-1, even without the under the bb tubing. Some people also assert that there were quadangles out in 79 - beyond team riders, there is no objective evidence that is actually the case. Below are photos of the actual STR-1's known to the community. The first one was this one: and the more recent one that surfaced a couple years ago is this one:
  2. Yeah, it's on FB, partly it was in Table Top buy and sell, not sure if it was deleted or not, but some of it was direct message stuff that people shared with me.
  3. photos from the 2019 gathering honoring Skip and BMX Products / Mongoose
  4. That guy with the fake GJS is such a jackass... the way he speaks to Utterback in some of the posts is unreal for a dude who is a design thief. He calls them a "tribute" but insults the original manufacturer. Real piece of work.
  5. probably... the software specialist who manages the upgrades seems to be busy this week. But will try to get something going on that.
  6. There was at least a small run OEM finishes... all on round top tubes. Rod Beckering confirmed it prior to his passing - he and some other factory guys also had them. My friend Dan came up on another blue one, in better over all condition than mine, in terms of the ano being less sun-faded and what not. Then I also found a gold one after the blue one. Gold also a round top tube, naturally. I also have a floval in Ano, that Kendall Crabtree confirmed doing the ano on for factory dudes. That would have been when Kendall was at SE. A lot of info came out over the years since this originally got posted.
  7. I don't know if I posted this since I got the forks with the correct OG decals courtesy of Dan Williams (Hey Slugger).
  8. dang, this looks great too. Super spiffy.
  9. very nice... good looking bike. I also like that there was no photo turning necessary.
  10. Good stuff I thought I saw you in there a lot, Dennis
  11. Glad to see you can get on now at least, Patrick. That's an improvement over Tuesday. Those issues - at least with the new content link will be addressed when the software tech can get on the site. She was unable to as well.
  12. Fiola for Vans 1984 Nostazio Vans tribute to the Fiola ad 2009