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  1. I’m late to the party, but here is what I have to contribute. It’s a ‘93 L&S 24” cruiser.
  2. I found these both last week a couple of days apart. The first is a ZXL it was found at a flea market. The second is a ZL Pro, It had sat in a storage locker for years.
  3. I believe it is an '81 but there is no exact science to dating them from what I am told.
  4. After a year of bugging the owner to sell this came home with me the other day. The Hutch Pro bars are a plus but they are going on my Pro Racer.
  5. I have been offered crazy money for my survivor '92 Hawk F-20 that I bought at a pawn shop last year, but it is not about the money for me. Different people want the frame, the fork, bars, sprocket etc. I like the fact that it was built for a kid to race, and it is still together after all these years.
  6. Does anyone know who actually built these frames for Rampar? They look very much like Cook Bros frames. There are no serial numbers on this one at all, but the frame is very light. It seems like there is not very much information on these bikes.
  7. This is the '78 Team Rampar survivor that came from the same owner, and also came from the Raleigh factory:
  8. This is a 1979 or possibly '78 Rampar R-9 survivor that I recently bought from a former Raleigh employee of the Boston, Mass. Raleigh plant. This bike was used for parts fitting, color selection, trade shows and catalog photos. It was never sold and never left the plant except maybe for trade shows. When the plant closed down, employees could take home whatever bikes they wanted either for free, or at severely discounted prices. This R-9 and a '78 Team Rampar were taken home by the person I bought them from, and stored in his basement for 30+ years.
  9. Rampar candy coated blue bars. The finish on the bars and frame are awesome.
  10. Here is my '78 Team Rampar survivor:
  11. Does anyone else have any information on these Rampars? How many were made, who actually built the frame, etc.