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  1. I still have both of mine from the 80s.
  2. I know of a complete survivor that may be for sale soon if anyone is interested in owning one.
  3. Loser Takes All, Has anyone uncovered a copy of this vintage flick yet??
  4. Look like the 1st pair of Webco forks I bought after bending my Ashtabula forks on my Puch..
  5. I want to see him Vander-roll it
  6. I also ran a DK on my Hutch cruiser when it was built up in the 80s and still on it today..
  7. Man I wish I could have been there, looks like some super cool stuff..
  8. Very nice, almost makes me want to have kids jjust do build a project like this.. I remember when Dad's were always dropping big $$$ build the lightest bike for there kids, at that time Titan was King of the Hill. Dads, like yourself, looking to every ounce they could shave, bragging out the fact that paint added weight, so everyone was running naked frames :ROTFLMAO: and after the Dads spent so much money & time shaving every ounce, only to have their kids put plastic beeds on the spokes, and not one or two, but filled the wheels A local shop was a very supporter of the Micro midget racers, their team was loaded with little guys & gals.. They even had a local frame builder (road bikes) build some frames to their specs, I own the last 2 the shop had as well as some other micro stuff. How about some pix of your little guy in action!!
  9. One of the very 1st mail order catalogs I ever got was from Wes BMX... very cool, thanks for sharing & I too should have a few catalogs boxed up..
  10. Sweet, where did you find the black guards??
  11. Great find!!!! One day I'll get another one, but with the correct forks ..
  12. Still have a very 1st "real" BMX jersey, a Powerlite, yet I never actually OWNED a Powerlite A buddy gave it to me, so I would look cool with them when we raced... Plus I loved Red jerseys Still have the BW leathers, but no, they don't still fit.. I have what is left of this, some were.. 80s bike shop. Don't have this one any more though, but cool pix The one I got at the Worlds.. My team.. State Race, most of these went home with friends.. How I dress out these days..