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  1. Thanks for coming out guy's, it was so cool to hang out and ride, BBQ, share thoughts and ideas just simply enjoying a nice day at the track with people who love BMX...The clinic was really fun, it is so nice to be able to work with people who know the history of our sport, who used to race and remember the past, but maybe have not ridden a track for 10, 15 or even 20 years...Thanks again and I'm down for an old school BMX clinic whenever you guy's are, just give a shout...By the way, the clinic fee raised $600.00 for the track, Roland was very happy and greatful...There will be some new picnic bench's and tables at the track as a result of everyone's clinic fee..Thanks again guy's, you aqll rock
  2. Hey guy's...Just wanted to say thanks for all the input and good or bad it's all good. We all are not going to see eye to eye and that is OK, Steve you have a great site here for sure..I appreciate your out look and perspective on things and as many others have pointed out you lay it out in a very nice easy to understand vibe.. Thanks again and take care... GH
  3. A few more days, it will be cool to ride, hang out, grub and chat with everyone..If you go to www.ababmx.com and hit up the track guide look for Whittier Narrows BMX track, you can also google it and it comes up. Looking forward to riding with and meeting everyone soon
  4. I got an e mail from someone asking if they thought it was cool to post this here, I was like sure, that is cool...I posted this on BMX Museum because I know the community is more into it and here most are not and that is all good. I was not going to respond however after reading a few comments I felt like speaking up..First off Kerry, I have done alright for myself and truth be told do not really need the "Benji's". If that is what this was about I would be charging $600-$675 per F/F set, and I know they would sell just the same as they are at $425..If you knew the costs related to running my business and what these run to make, insure, package, ship, etc...You would obviously see there is not a lot of Benji's to be made in doing this unless you charge a lot more $$. I have had several hundred people approach me since we started again in January of 2005 in regard to making a small run of retro frames, I always said not now, and after some thought and conversation with a few friends who collect I decided to roll out 100 sets. Exactly the same as we made in 1983, with different serial numbers and a signed cert. with each set...Not everyone's bag, I understand that and have no issue with really anything else that was said.. Bottom line is I have been in BMX my entire life and enjoy creating products people like, it is a win win situation for everyone who will get one of these and about the bigger picture. If you knew me personally you would know this is about the product, history and much more so yea, I wanted to set the record straight here. By the way, how many of you have the Red Line retro kit? Made overseas in Asia yea, so does it really matter where it's made? That is a whole other topic..Before anyone jumps in and begins telling me about where things are made and so on and so forth, just before you do that..Look on your computer and see where it's made, check out 75% of the parts on your bike, check out 65% of the parts on your American made car if you drive one, etc you get my point. This is about bikes, fun and memories from the past and that is the deal here.. Thanks for allowing me my opportunity to speak up and I truly hope I did not offend anyone, it was not my intention to do so... Have a great day! GH
  5. Hey thanks guy's...That was cool, I had no idea it was happening...Makes a Monday a little better...Thanks again..Very cool! GH
  6. Guy's- I just want to say thank you, I cannot express the words to let you know how I feel when I come here and read this thread. BMX has been my life, it's what I have done, do now and will do forever..GHP was and is always a big part of that and to see the old bikes, articles, information it just really is quite amazing..Thank you so much!!!!!! Rock on, BMX forever... GH
  7. Thanks Lee for telling me about this thread..Hope you guy's are doing good.. OK here is my best shot at the history of GHP: July 1983 my Father and I decided to change Star Products BMX into GHP BMX and made our debut at the 1983 NBL Grand Nationals..We operated GHP until early 1986, hard times with our vendor VDC, basically Voris sold his manufacturing business and the new owner did not have clue one as to building bikes, parts just did a terrible job. We could not accept product that had been ordered and was completely wrong..It was just junk..During the middle of GHP 83-86 we entered into an agreement with West Coast Cycles (Cycle Pro) to license the name Greg Hill and GHP BMX to distribute our products. The demand that created along with not being able to get product put GHP about $200,000.00 into back orders which ultimately made us pull the plug. I then signed with Red Line as they were headed out of business (I had no idea) Linn Kasten owed Sugino a huge amount of money, he could not pay and stopped doing business until SBS stepped in and purchased the name...Good call SBS..Time went on, in 1991 I had Ken from Elf make me 100 frames and forks..I paid him 100% of the money up front and 2 months later went to pick up my product, he made the seat stays wrond, and he said we ran out of tubing for your forks so here are 100 pair of Elf forks..I was dumbfounded..OK so now we know why Elf went under...I sold the 100 frames and called it a day..In 2005 I had been getting e mail messages from a lot of people over the course of 2 years and decided to make 50 cromoly 20" and 50 cromoly 24" frames with todays spec and yesterdays stickers..I did this with my buddy Alan Worley out of Jackson Tenn...We sold out in a short period of time...I let some time go by and decided to pick up the GHP name for good and do something with it..I was working for Mike Flaherty at Atomlab and he allowed me to do a run of GHP frames, they sold within 4 weeks and I said " Mike, I'm going to go out on my own, is that cool" Mike said go for it..I approached my first partner Rick in March of 2007 and we became partners..About 5 months later we approached my buddy Trevor Reynolds and he became the 3rd partner for GHP. We rolled along doing real good and in January of 2008 I brought my friend Eduardo into GHP as it's 4th partner..It's R&G Direct Marketing LLC..DBA GHP BMX our goal is to become a full blown bicycle company by January 2011 and were on our way.. Hope that clears up the GHP history, thanks for asking and being interested... You guy's all have a wonderful holiday season..BMX for life whooooo GH
  8. The ride was great, good times..G you gotta tell everyone about your new hydroplane move..Sorry bro, it was crazy. I'm down for this any time you guy's plan it if I'm in town I'll be there..Nice meeting and hangin with you guy's..Until next time..Peace!
  9. Above: Eddie Fiola Greg Grubbs (Back to us), Scot B (center) Steve Blackey (right) Above: Rick's Bike Shop: John Palfreyman & Doug Takahashi (front kneeling);Rick Gayton, Mel Stoutsenberger, Rick, Patti , Dave Clinton. Jeff Utterback and Brian Lewis Greg & Liz JT (yello shirt) Sodbuster (trucker hat) Dennis Dain (white t-shirt/shorts) Jeff Utterback (Rick's shirt and khakis) Greg Hill and Dave Clinton (JT and Johnny Johnson in background)
  10. Here are a few pics.. Waza and Scot Brett (BMX2112) and G (Da G Ryde) Sod Buster Labs build
  11. Hello Danny...Man it's been a while since I have seen you, hope your well, what are you up to these days? Greg
  12. It was nice seeing all the history out there man it takes you back...Good times! Gonzo great job! Thanks for giving us old guy's a place to hang out and bench race it was a lot of fun...I met and talked to Lot's of cool people hopefully I will be able to be there again next time... Peace
  13. Hey guy's.. Rockstar Bikes is only making jump/freestyle bikes we do not have any plans to get into the race market. GHP is an all together different company. basically GHP is a very small gig, it's going to stay that way for some time. :18: GH
  14. Shin, Your bike looks cool, the tuffs and laid back post give it that oldschool look clean for sure.. Have fun! GH
  15. George, Your ride looks awesome! I dig the look of the Answer forks on your bike. Clean build.. Have fun! Greg