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  1. This bike is inspired by Scott Towne's 1978 Redline Proline bike that he built up around 2006. It's a very special bike to him and I hope this retro mod version of it will do it justice. It started with a 2012 Redline Flight Pro XL frame that I bought new off ebay very inexpensively because I wanted to build up a new race bike for the first time in over 10 years. Once I had the frame my mind started to imagine ways I could make it a custom build, while still being totally race worthy. It didn't take long for Scott Towne's Proline to pop into my head. I liked the look of his bike so much from the first time I saw it back in 2006. I was riveted by the story behind the bike build and everything that went into it as well as his inspiration to recreate a very special former bike. I couldn't get it out of my head and I began thinking of and searching for parts that could make my own version of the bike a reality. Frame: • 2012 Redline Flight Pro XL - It's Aluminum instead of steel, but it's a modern Redline race frame and I really like the design. Stripped the original paint, painted it white, and applied the sweet Redline frame decals. Fork: • Mid-school'ish Redline chromoly race fork. The key feature is that it has the teardrop cutout in the dropouts just like the 1978 Redline forks. Stripped and painted with decals applied. Bars: • Al's Rapid Transit V-Bars - I wanted V-Bars that were modern sized (these are 9" X 29") yet had the shape reminiscent of old Redline V-Bars and these fit the bill perfectly. Finding these was another big reason I kept going, trying to track down more parts to build this bike. Also, there are some modern Redline V-Bars out there that are 8" X 28", but the shape of them is way different and they don't really remind me of the originals. Stem: • The Sanfu VST stem that Scott Towne designed and named to honor his dad is the perfect modern version of an old school stem. The wider, first run version looks best with the wide box section on the V-Bars. Grips: • Classis OURY grips are still readily available Rims: • Silver Araya 7X copies are filling the role of the silver Araya 7B's on Scott's bike. The 7B's are my all time favorite looking rims, but they are very hard to find, and very expensive when they are for sale. Also, they don't hold tires on the rim very well at 75 PSI, so the 7X copies are a good alternative. Hubs: • Front is a copy of the beautiful Campagnolo Record hub by Zeus. It rolls like a dream and looks perfect and didn't break the bank. • Rear hub is a generic sealed silver polished flip flop. The center section is kind of small diameter which gives it a little old school look. Tires: • CST (ChengShinTire) Caesar knobbies. The tires had to be knobbies and these modern CST Caesars have the old school knobby look and are pretty light. Cranks: • Modern dual pinch bolt Redline Flight Cranks sans stickers to match inspiration bike Chainweel: • SunTour 39 tooth - originally red anodized; stripped to make it silver. Spider: • Basic SE Racing black spider Chain: • Sachs 3/32" chain from my mid-school racing days Pedals: • Finding modern rat trap style pedals has been a challenge. These Origin8 Ultim8 Trapp pedals kind of look the part and have 'trapp' in the name. I'm not sure yet how well these will work for riding/racing...we'll see. Seat: • I wanted to find a modern version of the black Kashimax on Scott's bike and the S&M P-Rail seat is it. They are out of production now so it was a little tough to track one down, but once I found one I was psyched. Seatpost: • Generic micro-adjust aluminum post, stripped to silver and painted red anodized color Seatpost clamp: • The dual bolt clamp on Scott's bike is distinctive. I don't know if it's a Cook Bros., Redline, or some other brand. TNT makes the dual bolt clamp on this bike. Just like the chainwheel, I had to strip the red anodizing to make it silver. Brakes: • Shimano Deore XT V-Brake - Shimano brakes have been the real deal since old school BMX times (and probably before), so they are a good fit on this bike. Thanks for checking it out. Jason Burton http://instagram@bicyclemotocross