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  1. Thanks S.Brothers and Larock for the original ads and the pics of other JW Replica frames. Larock, did yours have serial numbers? If so, what were the first three letters? Must've been hard to let those two go...
  2. Greetings, I recently rescued what I think is a 1976 FMF mild steel frame from the trash, but I'm having trouble finding information about the serial number on the BB. My serial number starts with "FJC" and then has three numbers. Does anyone have any info based on the serial number such as month/year when built, who built this frame, etc? Any relation to DB? Would this be considered a Breithaupt Replica? Would love to learn any more about this frame. Posted this on another forum, and many helpful people answered my questions as best they could, just wondering if anyone here knows anything further or knows anyone I can contact for more info. thanks