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  1. Thanks Steve. It's fortunate I guess that I still have these after all these years and everyone is so into this stuff now. Now, what to do with them.
  2. Gang, Happy New Year. I had posted this somewhere else but others, including Steve Brothers here thought (Thanks Steve!) you all would get a kick out of these pics. I dug these out a while back and thought I'd share. Sorry they are dirty but know one has really seen these for almost 30 years. 1) First ever Auburn prototype frame..built in Taiwan sometime in 1986/1987 This bike was put together and raced by Rod "Bronco" Beckering at Murray World Cup in Irvine, CA in 1986 or 87. Look how "cobby" it is...weighs a tone. Even hand made stickers by Bob Morales on it. 2) First USA made prototype by GT Bicycles-Gary Turner - Gary made this frame based on above with hand-made stays, tabs, etc. before production models were made. I believe Danny "The Missle" Millwee actually raced this. 3) These are Todd Corbitt's and Danny Millwee's "Factory Bikes" for I believe 1988...These were hand-painted by Mountaingoat Mountain Bikes in Nor. Cal. We did TC's as sharks and palm trees since he was from Florida and Danny's as flames since he was "The Missle". 4) First, prototype "Works Link" - Unfortunately the whole, completed concept of "different rear-ends for different tracks/styles, etc. never materialized as planned with our merger with GT Bicycles in Aug/Sept of 1989 but here is the first sample of the aluminum "Works Link" rear triangle complete with sample decals on both sides. 5) And finally, the Auburn's that most people know. This the first model in 1989/1990 with GT designed graphics, Works Link and green color...After this I lost track of all the models, etc as years rolled on with my new job at GT. Hope you all enjoyed this historical, technical walk down memory lane with me. Maybe you'll see some of these put back together someday. Best and Happy New Year, (Thanks again Steve) Todd Huffman