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  1. I need to gather some parts for the CW can't wait to put it together... I'm struggling with goin freestyle or not?
  2. Huh, if I had it this long I hink I'll hold on to mine for a while longer. I think I'm missing some parts??
  3. I originally built it in '84. It had green accents Uni seat Oakley grips and Haro's on chrome plated Araya's with chrome plated spokes. Man it sparkled as it rolled the streets of K.C.Mo! We moved to Texas in '85 and it found it's way into a barn to just fade away. In '08 I decided I wanted to RIDE it again. Don't kill me for the seat I robbed off a mountain bike but it's a lot easier on the tush than a Uni. Most parts are original with "og" lol
  4. I sure wish I could get my hands on those green Haro's! I got mine in late '84
  5. In 84 I built my CW RACING PHAZE1 to race. By the time I finished it the freestyle bug had bitten me. It sucked as freestyler but it sure looked cool. I completely stripped the parts off of it to build my gjs freestyler later that year.