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  1. 1981 BXC / Prodyne 26”. This frame was originally purchased by Wisconsin BXC brother, Ralph Scanga, in Florida at a bike show Prodyne was set up at in 1981. This was the first introduction to Prodyne which led to Prodyne manufacturing some frames for BXC to label. The frame was raced by Ralph (Madison BXC,) against his brother Mike (Wichita BXC,) on a OM Flyer. One of Ralph’s employees loved the bike so Ralph sold to him and asked if he ever sold to give him first right. Fast forward approx 25 years and the employee reached out he still had the frame and it came back to BXC. This was about 15 years ago. I am undecided on what seat to use and working on a set of early GT bars to replace the temporary bars. I have included some pics of it in action from back in the day.
  2. 1987 Robinson Pro that was made in late 1986. I have owned this bike since new. It was my last race bike that did not see much track time so I could get a job for a car. The frame, fork and bars were my Xmas present in 1986. The rest of the parts came from other bikes I had prior to this one. It sat in my parent's basement until approx 10 years ago. The Redline crank decal and the GT post coin decal I added a few years back. The tubes are original from 1986 when I built it and they still hold air. This is the one I will never part with. It has made it through my parents house fire in 1997, multiple moves on my end, etc. I am just thankful my parents kept their house and did not move after the fire or I am sure it would have been gone like so many others. Frame/Fork: Robinson Pro Stem: DK Bars: Robinson Pro Headset: GT Epoch Grips: A'ME Cranks/Sprocket: Redline 180 400's with Sugino 42 Pedals: Suntour XCII Seat: Kashimax Aero Seatpost: GT Clamp: Tuf-Neck Brakes: Dia Compe MX901 Lever: Tech 3 Wheels: Chrome 7x, black spokes, Suzue HF hubs Tires: Green Label Tioga Comp III with original tubes Pads: Blue Flites that have been with the bike since new (I always ran non brand pads for some reason.)
  3. 1989 Kastan KEX 24" Cruiser. The frame has the original finish, original decals, and original seat post. The fork is also original to the frame and has Redline dropouts. The frame has been local since new. I purchased and built so it stayed in the area. Frame/Fork: 1989 Kastan 24" KEX with Kastan fork (Redline dropouts) Bars: Boss Headset: Tange 320 (also original to the frame but I installed repop decals.) Grips: A'ME reproduction Lever: Dia Compe Tech 4 Brakes: Dia Compe MX 901 Pads: Dia Compe Wheels: Chrome Araya 7x with Bullseye bolt through axles Stem: Boss Seat/Post: Era suede Vetta with original Kastan Seat Post Clamp: Integrated Sprocket/Chain ring: Stamped GT Power Disc with GT chain ring and GT stamped chain ring bolts Pedals: Crupi Cranks: Redline Half Wraps Pad Set: Reproduction Kastan Number Plate: Zeronine Moto Control Tires: Rainbow Tioga Comp III - Purchased from a bike shop basement NOS
  4. I have had this 1979 Panda Pro Am 26" with a Cook Bros. fork for a couple years. When I purchased it, it had the canti mounts on it that had to be removed. I did not use any of the parts that came with the frame and fork. The Cook decal on the down tube was on it and appears to have been with the frame for many years since the fork has always been with the frame so I decided to leave it alone. There is also the Springfield, Mo shop decal still intact. Finished it up this year for a build off we did back in May. Frame: 1979 Panda Pro Am 26" Fork: Cook Bros. with reproduction decals Bars: Early Boss mini widened to 30" Headset: Tange MX 320 with original decal Grips: Era Oakley B2 Lever: Dia Compe Tech 3 (Dated 1982) Brakes: Dia Compe MX 1000 (Dated 1982) Pads: Era black vinyl with a Era Shimano BMX stem pad Wheels: Gold Araya 7x with Bullseye Hubs Stem: Tuf-Neck Seat: Era Brooks B17 with Era Nickel Seat Post Clamp: Tuf-Neck Sprocket/Spider: Tuf-Neck / Takagi with Stamped Sugino Chain ring bolts Pedals: Shimano DX Cranks: Takagi Cro Mo OPC Tires: Maxxis Holy Rollers (This is my go to ride with the kids. The thing rids like a dream so new have tires on it so I don't destroy OG ones.)
  5. I have known of this late 1985 made, 1986 Haro Master for a while. It was sitting in the basement of a bike shop for many years. It is original minus the seat post clamp and the Spin Tech stem that has been on it since the beginning. I was finally able to get my hands on it a few weeks ago. Frame/Fork: 1986 Chrome Haro Master with 1986 Chrome Haro Fork Bars: Tapered Haro Grips: A'ME copies. Looks like OE equipment Levers: Dia Compe 183 Brakes: Dia Compe Nippon Pads: Dia Compe Wheels: Skyway Stem: Sakae Spin Tech Seat: Dominator Clamp: Tange SC-2 Chainwheel: Haro Disc Pedals: MKS Graphite Cranks: Haro Group 1 3 Piece Tires: Original Haro