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  1. I thought the PL1 clamps were magnesium? Great comparison and weights.
  2. Had to add. Early forks had what looked like a ball race on the fork crown. This was to take a schwinn bearing race but guys didn't realise so seen a few worn down. They later changed to a square cut.
  3. Larsvegas I found these on French ebay and 9/16 thread along with some 76 dated Dura Ace cranks. They did silver, blue and red anno in these.
  4. Damo if your reading this join up Original pads now look at home again.
  5. Lyotard 460d NOSness. Alloy anno black really cool and light for traps.
  6. WD40 only when really clean as it will trap dirt in. Bees wax and wiped off the hub and spokes. They are called Tuff for a reason.
  7. These were pretty bad. Took the bearings and spindles out. Cleaned the hub with brass wire wool and some machine oil. Tried a degreaser first of all. No luck A friend owns a media blasting company and tried vapour blasting them. Made them grey. Dishwasher x2 cleans. Helped. Sanded the brake rub off and got some colour on the brake area. Wet and dry sanded the rest till my fingers said no more. Dishwasher again and then sprayed with WD40 while they were hot. Used liquid bees wax on the spokes but not the brake area. Took some time but really pleased with the results. Getting in corners a pain and dremel helped. Some guys dye them but the dye rubs off on the brake area eventually. The colour is injected so will clean up.