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  1. Bitd we swapped bikes to ride with friends. BMX was just starting here in the UK in 79 so different bikes were turning up weekly. I had a Redline MXll and rode the hell out of it. Seems like they got the geometry spot on. Others were weird to ride also heavy to. Soon needed a layback post for the seat and eventually got a Proline. 19 1/2" top tube an 5" headtube was a perfect combination.
  2. This one exactly as my friend found.
  3. A friend just found one of these in OG condition. Diamond Back TK his one. Funny someone who is a "BMX expert" for 40 years? Said it was a POS with stickers on it. He went quiet when i found out what it is.
  4. Mike was getting sick of lowballers so put it up for a high price. Seemed to have stopped the $500 offers he was getting all the time. See it so much on Facebook. Some guys dismiss something as genuine and then offer to buy it for peanuts. Whats it worth?? Who knows. Not sure if Mike would sell it tbh. The 4/16/75 is when it left the factory so still hard to say when it was made. How long nickel took to do.
  5. I wish Byron was around to give more insight. Have seen a few adverts of cranks that never made it into production.
  6. Custom 74 Redline Looptail. Ok it's a recreation of the Looptail. I saw the frame and forks were for sale in Australia last January and had an idea of what I wanted to do with it. Had some parts for it like wheels. Tried to keep it all era correct exept the stem which is 77 vintage. Full cromo frame and forks. Powderd candy Red. Stickers are screen printed to original Araya Moped rims Shimano MX hubs 105 spokes Chen Sheng tyres 20 x 2.125s Handlebars unknown RedLine 1st gen Pro-Line stem OGK grips Persons saddle, red candy vinyl with stitching. Cut down sissy bars Wald seatpost Schwinn seat clamp Schwinn crank dated 74 Sweetheart chainwheel 50T Nickel DID chain NOS pedals and drilled out reflectors. Schwinn BB Schwinn headset Red vinyl pads Hunt and Wilde plate I made up as a dedication to Rick Twomey ( R.I.P ) #12 was Rick's MotoX number. Patti kindly let me know.
  7. Linn Kastan was kind enough to send me these early designs last week. Cool to see the progression.
  8. First Pro-Line forks ever made. Linn Kastan sent me the pictures.
  9. Cool frame and forks Nycet. Candy does look superb. 79-80?
  10. Really cool Nycet. RedLine ❤ Don't see too many 78s