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  1. I know Linn is stoked to have being asked to make these. He still has original drawings and designs. He doesn't throw anything away lol. The guys welding the frames and now sons all aircraft quality welders. Be good to see one and see how good it is.
  2. Turdburd, yeah saved and may come up for sale. Helping new owner out as much as I can. Seat post area not sure about? This picture before it got painted
  3. The bike got found in a junk pile in Mexico in 2011. The guy that painted it black contacted me on Faceache and gave him his shipping details from Linns records. It's just been sold and hopefully put back to nickel again. Hope you're all well Rick!!
  4. I thought the PL1 clamps were magnesium? Great comparison and weights.
  5. Had to add. Early forks had what looked like a ball race on the fork crown. This was to take a schwinn bearing race but guys didn't realise so seen a few worn down. They later changed to a square cut.
  6. Larsvegas I found these on French ebay and 9/16 thread along with some 76 dated Dura Ace cranks. They did silver, blue and red anno in these.
  7. Damo if your reading this join up Original pads now look at home again.
  8. Lyotard 460d NOSness. Alloy anno black really cool and light for traps.
  9. WD40 only when really clean as it will trap dirt in. Bees wax and wiped off the hub and spokes. They are called Tuff for a reason.