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  1. Linns shop is full of parts he has kept for years. Some finished and some not and boxed up. Prototype ideas and production parts. He sent this picture of a chainrings adaptor plate to use with flight cranks on geared road bikes. He was so busy with Redline it got shelved.
  2. Brian and wagonguy sadly anything is copied these days. High end to low end. Boils my piss tbh. Yes further down the line people can get duped. Not cool. Reason with these I asked Linn to certificate each stem. Saying all parts original but new welds ect... So guys know. I help run the Redline appreciation page on faceache and we are fully aware of fake stems from all over that have been made badly with mig welds and made to look older with acids or the like. Mainly Australian made. Now some made in Mexico. Always ask guys to check welds or send me pictures so I can advise them on the real deal or fake.
  3. The clue is in the title. 25 stem bases or parts for bases Linn had. 20 for sale. 5 he is keeping or giving out to friends. 20 not 200 or anything. All will be certificated saying made with old parts and bases welded recently. No one is out to fool anyone as I wouldn't be part of this. As for cranks he wouldn't make prototype copies as he said some broke in testing.
  4. Bolts for the seatclamp are new as they never made any.
  5. Brian seriously these are 100% not fake. I wouldn't post if I thought they were. The stem he gave me the clamps and hardwear all original. Clamps all rough cast and not all the same casting Base plates not lazer/water cut or anything. 1st thing I checked. As for knurling I asked and he decided to use it. So they can be recognized as 1 of the 20. He still has stuff that wasn't finished or plated at his shop. The only things that is new are welds, plating, anno and the inserts for the seatclamp. No bullshit!!!
  6. Curt all the stem base parts were either tack welded or not welded at all. All hardwear and clamps original too. Left over when the Brute stem was the next must have for guys.
  7. Good luck with your new camper resto. Thinning I'm sure there will be a queue for parts.
  8. Dav I just got in bed and checked emails. Nearly fell out of bed seeing the pic
  9. Nickel Champion! Look forward to seeing progress. A gentle polish and some wax to stop finger prints helps.
  10. Still welding today. The stem actually got chromed as the plater forgot. The red anno seatclamp really is cherry.
  11. Hey guys. What started as an email between myself and Linn Kastan about a seatclamp I made from some stem clamps for my 77 Proline got interesting. Linn was impressed and a few days later emailed back with this 1st picture. He had stem parts and clamps left over from making double clamps. Some stems tack welded but most just parts that had been left over. Some clamps the casting didn't make the cut. Asking about if anyone would be interested he said he would finish a stem and let me know. A few weeks passed and emailed me and said he would send a sample stem. I was really stoked when the parcel arrived!!!! All parts are 40+ years old. New tig welded and nickel plated plus red anno clamps. Stem shafts knurled and he will certificate each stem. He is finishing 19 stems and seat clamps at the moment. All accounted for now. He came up with the idea with red anno or sanded top clamps. The 2nd picture looked pink in the picture so said can he get darker anno. 3rd picture is what he kindly sent me.
  12. Yardsale2 heres one. They did 2 versions. One with a solid gusset and one with a hole in the gusset
  13. Got these form Linn Kastan last week via email. Looking at the forks for the squareback I'm guessing 75 since he didn't say a year. Just thought it was cool to see and share. The prices!!!! If only.