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  1. Yardsale2 heres one. They did 2 versions. One with a solid gusset and one with a hole in the gusset
  2. Got these form Linn Kastan last week via email. Looking at the forks for the squareback I'm guessing 75 since he didn't say a year. Just thought it was cool to see and share. The prices!!!! If only.
  3. GTO no I'm in the UK. Got chatting to the now owner of JC08 via faceache who is in Queensland. Russ has contacted Damian now. Some slight confusion it could be Johnny chopper made but Johnny has said not one of his as he has never made any Jag 24 copies.
  4. Need 2 bolts for the PLME clamp. PL1 still needs some cleaning
  5. Some cool clamps around. I made this for my Proline
  6. GTO thanks. I'm wondering if BMX International imported them? Will find out. Certainly a cool find.
  7. Pretty cool to see. Anyone know who rode it 1st out there.
  8. I've just been contacted by a Damian Claghorn in Australia who was asking about serial numbers and his 24" Jag. Serial number JC08 and looks as if it could be the one that went out to Australia.
  9. Bitd we swapped bikes to ride with friends. BMX was just starting here in the UK in 79 so different bikes were turning up weekly. I had a Redline MXll and rode the hell out of it. Seems like they got the geometry spot on. Others were weird to ride also heavy to. Soon needed a layback post for the seat and eventually got a Proline. 19 1/2" top tube an 5" headtube was a perfect combination.
  10. This one exactly as my friend found.
  11. A friend just found one of these in OG condition. Diamond Back TK his one. Funny someone who is a "BMX expert" for 40 years? Said it was a POS with stickers on it. He went quiet when i found out what it is.