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  1. sorry to hear but totally understood. i was never able to make it down but thank you steve for your years of blood, sweat and tears. i have a great collection of t-shirts, posters and goodies and maybe if it resurrects in some form, some day, i might finally be able to attend.
  2. i was thinking i had seen that there was going to be a raffle but i am not finding it. yes? no?
  3. thanks! i was wondering if that background was the shirt color. looks great. was that up there before and i totally missed it?
  4. I was sure this would finally be the year I would make it but what with the getting hit by a car and such it isn't in the cards. I am not going to miss out on the shirt though. They get better and better but that sure doesn't mean that I don't still love the designs on the older ones too. The variety is great. Well done. Hey Steve - It doesn't really matter but I was just curious what color the shirt is.
  5. Next year for sure but I've got my order in for a shirt. I look forward to seeing pics and videos
  6. awesome. it was great to see some kiddos joining too.
  7. looks like it was a good time. what a great turn out. is that typical for the sydney area?
  8. and those are really cool. what are you going to put them on?
  9. did you look at the links i posted? there was only one big beach cruiser type seat. the seat i have been commuting on for 5 years is no bigger than the original race seat that came on the bike. it is just shaped differently. get your wife a new woman specific seat if you want her to ride with you.
  10. would it be too aesthetically offensive to put a seat on that is more comfy and then maybe she might love riding it? you can always keep the other seat for when it needs to be pretty. you can find some women specific seats that aren't the big ass kind they are just shaped correctly to be comfy for us. they make a HUGE difference. REI has some good ones - http://www.rei.com/search?cat=4500134&cat=40007112&jxGender=Women%27s&scv_page_size=109&seq=1&hist=cat%2C4500134%3ABike+Saddles^cat%2C40007112%3ABike+Saddles+%2F+Seats^jxGender%2CWomen%27s and terry has nice stuff but it is more expensive - http://www.terrybicycles.com/Saddles
  11. nice. i bet he loves matching dad. you need some riding pics with you guys wearing matching vans
  12. great story about the bike (and the toilet)