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  1. Great thread and one that will be useful to those that are not in it for financial gain. I will kick things off with a couple of items I've been in search of for a while. I have two orphan front Enkei Eagles that I would like to find a read to match. I'm happy to swap/trade/buy outright- whichever, but if someone wanted to swap a front for a rear I will cover both ends of the postage as I am in Australia. I've also been searching for a cap for a Brute stem. I bought the Brute base years ago but have had no luck finding a cap unless I felt like parting with a stupid amount of cash. If anyone can help with either of these items it would be great. Cheers.
  2. Hi all. I was pleased last week to add a DG frame, forks and stem to my collection and found out after the fact with some input from some knowledgeable OSBMX peeps that it is a ZF-1 frame with 1" forks. Rather be lucky than good I say. Looking forward to starting the build.
  3. Cool purchase. Check out the Hustler thread on here. Lot's of good info.
  4. Chain guard. In the bin day 1! Lol. Great find.
  5. A couple of completed KKT K-MX rat trap projects. I have a couple of other pairs on the go as well.
  6. Very cool. Not many of those Bastian Rampar's getting around.
  7. You must have the monopoly on Hustlers! Never seen so many in one spot. Very cool.
  8. Lot's of goodness there including the vinyl! Is that an OG Ralph's pad? It would look great on my Hustler!
  9. Spotted this kid wearing a Ralph's jersey in the Australian BMX movie BMX Bandits from 1983.
  10. Let's bump this thread up and keep it going.