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  1. Very cool. Not many of those Bastian Rampar's getting around.
  2. You must have the monopoly on Hustlers! Never seen so many in one spot. Very cool.
  3. Lot's of goodness there including the vinyl! Is that an OG Ralph's pad? It would look great on my Hustler!
  4. Spotted this kid wearing a Ralph's jersey in the Australian BMX movie BMX Bandits from 1983.
  5. Let's bump this thread up and keep it going.
  6. Looks similar? https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Vintage-1980s-SIMPSON-HELMET-RED-Full-Face-Motocross-Bell-Moto-7-5-8-CLEAN/362894345359?hash=item547e30448f:g:a~8AAOSw6dteLT8S
  7. Wow, never knew Simpson made a BMX helmet. Very cool. Does anyone here have one I wonder?
  8. August 1982 build. Are you looking at selling the frame?
  9. My Bastian fabricated Rampar that Brian Hays was kind enough to authenticate for me.