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  1. whats up dude? we keep bumping into one another lol
  2. Yes, the 77 and 78 mx are the only American made DBs
  3. 1978 Gary Turner Survivor. Everything on this bike is original except for a set of new tires. I was fortunate enough to be able to pick this bike up from a private collector. Great example of an Pre-GT and 70's bmx
  4. This Diamond Back MX wears its original paint and decals. I purchased this f/f from a gentleman who just picked it up from the original owner. Handed down from father to son it was stored in garage with early 80's parts. However, it did still had the tuff wheels I's, headset and bb hardware that it came with from the bike shop it was originally purchased from back in 1977. The forks are original MX forks with an early repair on the dropouts or maybe even a prototype. Either very interesting! Oh and if this all isn't cool enough......this '77 MX survivor is serial #015 A true piece of early Diamond Back and BMX history.
  5. I am curious where the serial number are placed on this ames?
  6. I was making my rounds to the local swap meet and ran into a bmx friend who usually has a spot. I was admiring about a (Jan) '81 GT he had for sale when he mentioned he had a PR at the house. I couldn't believe it until I had it in my hands the next day. He had gotten the bike of a gentleman who had it for several years. The seat tube mass has been cut down and there is a small ding in bottom bracket. I don't think it will effect the hardware at all. Besides that, this frame has been well taken care of and I plan on continuing that for several more years. To be honest this frame could of had a thousand dings, cracks and been cut in two, I still would of hung it up in my living room lol Thanks, Jeff I will take care of her
  7. Maybe...You would think it would be smaller though. Looks the same size as a regular hole would of been. What got my attention is they look just like MX forks just not complete or maybe intended to be this way, I don't know. Plus, the fact they are on an '77 MX numbered 015. Who knows?
  8. Kevin, Im enjoying taking in all the information you've posted thank you. Would you know where the serial number is located on the PRGT? Also, are the flat at the end of the top tube? I know CYC have the holes, but what about the dimples some have?? thank you, Mike
  9. I find this all very interesting. I'm not sure if I missed anything, but can anyone explain the "dimple" at the end of the top tube? I know that CYC had a hole there and I'm pretty sure the Pedals Ready was a flat back right?? Also, where are the serial numbers located on a PR?
  10. That can't be an 80/81 with that serial number. 80's had the serial numbers on the dropout
  11. I recently acquired a 1977 Diamond Back f/f from the original owner's son. Bike has original black paint along with decals. even still wears the shop decal from where it was originally sold. Now I have heard some '77 MX were sent out with '78 decals sometimes being how they produced both 77/78 within a few short months. This MX is especially rare being how is it #015. Yes, the 15th Diamond Back made. Now, if you know about early DB's you know what their double dropout forks look like. Now being how these forks are original to the frame are they DB's? Maybe, a mistake fork that never was completed? Was this intentional? Maybe a rider or someone from shop wanted them this way? Or even a prototype? What do you all think? have you ever seen these? Can you identify them? Any help would be great. Thank you for your time. I have added photos of original '77 &'78 forks along with a photo of mine. please compare and let me know what you think.
  12. Original MX Survivor I was finally able to purchased this bike from a friend and private collector who acquired it from the original owner years ago. The original owner went down to a bike shop in Chatsworth, CA with his cousin and father to buy a bike. So, along with some advice from the shop’s owner they picked every part on this bike....yes even chose the Redline forks over the double dropout MXs in fear they would break. The two cousins rode everywhere on this bike for years until the owner of the bike joined the military. Before he went away he gave his cousin the bike because he knew what it meant to him and there it sat in a garage in Chatsworth a few blocks away from the bike shop it was originally purchased from.....and if that wasn’t crazy enough this MX is numbered #032. I’m honored to own this piece of bmx history
  13. Nice thanks!! I’m trying to gather all the ads and info I can about these early Diamond Back f/f. I just picked up another ‘77 MX frame very low serial #015. Picked it off the original owner. It belonged to his dad and was handed down to his son from who I picked it up from. The forks have me very curious. I’ve never seen anything like them and they are original to the frame. I’m thinking might be a prototype being how it has a very low serial.
  14. Oh cool!! I’ll check it out. Thanks for the help