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  1. I'm late to the party as usual. Just now seeing this. Its a aluminum frame that was chromed. Black Lite experimented with chrome over aluminum. The problem was as soon as the frame flexed the chrome began cracking, splintering and flaking off. The welds for the chrome aluminum versions were smoothed down to take the chrome. These frames had no serial number or build date designation. The company existed from 82' to 84' or 85'. Black Lite was a company out of Texas. They made custom frames out of titanium, aluminum or chromoly. Side note, I use to have the same basketball goal. Also, I have a blue cut down hammerhead seat just like the one on your bike. I wonder if you sold it to me.
  2. Profile magnesium hubs. There was also a magnesium mini stem prototype. And then there’s drilling and cutting. So many choices. This is why I like mini’s. They are like dry lake hot rods. Built for all out speed.
  3. I've been toying around with the idea of a aluminum spindle and aluminum hub axles. I know Profile offered aluminum spindles with the Magnatanium. I've also seen aluminum hub axles in Nukeproof hubs. I have a blazer that was built in the early 80s with a custom aluminum bottom bracket so I at least know that was possible for a early 80s build. Not sure if aluminum axles were available. Seams like there was a aluminum chain available at some point as well. That or a titanium chain, can't remember brand, maybe Regina. Then maybe a Tuf Neck 4.9 stem. Those were available as soon as 84' maybe 83' I think. Theres also aluminum pedal spindles. I know HARE pedals had aluminum spindles and of course the bodies were plastic.
  4. 1982 First Gen Blazer Mini June of 2018, I receive a message from a gentleman stating he had a Blazer mini that he might be interested in working out a deal on. I’m a big fan of BMX mini’s and had seen this bike before posted by owner Bob McKay aka Falcon8. After a couple of months of discussion and a couple more months to complete the transaction I’m now in possession of this little piece of BMX history. The Blazer was first brought to Arizona sometime between 81-82’ by Blazer owner Mike Mayberry. It was given to Carl Bartley of Bicycle Harbor and Harbor Lite. Carl built the bike into the lightest BMX bike in the world at that time weighing in at just under 10.5 lb. Shortly there after it was given to Bob McKay’s daughter Tracy to campaign. A few parts were changed out for safer items. The Blazer was campaigned until a crash during a race. Afterwords it was put into storage, not seeing the light of day until now. Including Chandler dirt, it is as I received it with the exception of the front tire and rear cog and retainer. I had a used Cycle Pro Snake Belly that matched the rear to replace the front that was blown in the crash. The rear cog was missing so I replaced it with a nos Shimano cog and retainer ring. Frame: 1982 First Gen Blazer Mini. One of two known to exist. The two frame sets, with raw finish and no decals, were taken in person by Mike Mayberry straight from their warehouse in Texas to Arizona. Chromoly tubing still has steel plant manufacturing markings. Fork: 1982 Mini forks, made by David Gerston pre Navajo. Chromoly. Also in raw finish with one off, pre Harborlite, “LITE” decals added by Bicycle Harbor Headset: Nylfor vinyl plastic headset Stem: One of four stems made by Bergeron Marine. Complete with aluminum hardware Bars: Powerlite power bend mini bars, First Gen, Patent Pending decal, polished aluminum Grips: A’ME Second Gen Tri’s, black Brake Lever: Dia Compe straight lever, silver Brake Cable: Unknown brand, black Brake: Weinmann Type 500, black anno Seat: Uni Hammerhead, black Bottom Bracket: Custom bottom bracket with aluminum spindle Cranks: Suntour, 152 mm, Alloy, Silver, Pedals: Suntour MX 1000, First Gen, drilled out bodies and cages Chainwheel: Unknown brand chainring, 40 tooth, black anno. Mounted to unknown brand power disc in black anno Chain: HKK Ultra 6 Wheels - Built by Carl Bartley Front Rim: Unknown Aero style, 36 hole, 20” (17.125” actual diameter) x 1-1/8” Front Hub: Hutch magnesium with aluminum axle (spoke ripped out of hub due to crash). 36 hole. OG Trick shop sticker was added by Bicycle Harbor. Front Tire: Cycle Pro Snake Belly sew up, 1-1/8” Rear Rim: Nisi, 24 hole, 20” (17.125” actual diameter) x 1-1/8” Rear Hub: Shimano DX, 24 hole, Silver, running a 16 tooth cog Rear Tire: Cycle Pro Snake Belly sew up, 1-1/8” Extras: Number Plate: Bicycle Harbor lightweight number plate. Videos of Tracy competing with Blazer: Special thanks to Bob McKay and Stephan Arndt
  5. I was able to buy the Black Lite that was recently posted on the museum. It was listed as titanium but is in fact chromed aluminum. The chrome is in bad shape and there’s a crack at the top tube near the head tube. It’s been out in the weather a bit. Has Navajo forks. Their chrome isn’t in the best shape either. I’m glad to have gotten it though.
  6. Cool, happy to. Heres a shot of ebenk catching mad air with his aluminum Black Lite.
  7. Heres some more Black Lites that have popped up recently. First what was advertised as a Panda Mini but looks to be a aluminum Black Lite: Heres a Chromed Aluminum Black Lite that was posted in the Museum: And then theres the NOS frame found in a scrap yard. You may have seen it before as it was posted here elsewhere:
  8. Here’s the thread I found it in: http://www.bmxsociety.com/topic/56594-little-help/?fromsearch=1
  9. It belonged to a racer named Chris Gibson. Don’t know why it was stickered Redline. May have road this frame for Redline in a race and just restickered it for the race.
  10. Hello folks, I'm new to the society. I'm into Black Lite and have some pics to share. Some may have been seen elsewhere on this site but I'd like to include them in this all inclusive thread. Original head tube decal. (from member: ebenk) Titanium frame set. Titanium frame set and Freestyle frame set. (from member: ebenk) Chromed aluminum frames.
  11. Hows your Black Lite coming along? I've got the same frame as well. Blew my mind when I saw you post that you'd found yours in a scrap yard. And and unused frame as well!