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  1. I’ve seen 2 recently go for around $2500. I don’t know about the Schwinn Scrambler
  2. I used one of these in 1975 to get the full moto experience.
  3. Well since you’re answering questions, there’s a couple of things I was wondering. Is the front sprocket close to rubbing on the frame and does the rear wheel need adjustment. Also, do you prefer the Carlisle aggressor in the back. You’re bike says “BMX”, I love it. Sorry if I come across wrong. My wife says that’s why I have no friends. lol
  4. Thanks for the reply. This is what I’m looking to avoid. There’s a car rim repair shop in corona that does polishing and powdercoating that I thinking of trying out. I guess I just need to do it and cross my fingers, lol.
  5. That’s a very cool bike and the story is cool too. May I ask where you got the frame powder coated and if you liked the way it turned out. I’ve been looking for someone local to spray a frame and some parts but am leary about paying good money for a bad job.
  6. I took a screenshot of this bike shop from (I think) a Japanese website a long time ago.
  7. Looks like a 1983/84 Tioga Rhino but the dropouts on the forks are a little different. Tange made most likely.
  8. +1 on the huffy clamp stem. That front sprocket is on a lot of AMF muscle bikes but I don’t know it’s their brand. Cool!
  9. Nailed it with the GLJ. The Laguna is in the transition stage from 1976 to 1979. That’s exactly how most kids did it back then though. So you could either put a coaster brake for older or put a spider/chainring and upgrade the pedals for newer. I like it.
  10. Yes, the hole for the brake caliper is what I was referring to. Looks like a good project. You’ll find a lot of great information on this site that will help you.
  11. Nice! Getting the Hutch out on Old Route 66.
  12. It could be a 1980 pro-line. I’m pretty sure that’s when they started coming out with drilled forks. You might want to check if they are factory drilled.