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  1. I heard they made good trueing stands to. LOL Old school mags.com bmxa may 1979
  2. Any hints on what you got in mind? You’re builds are always pretty cool.
  3. It’s cool but I would put a JT racing sticker on the viser.
  4. That was way cool footage. I’ve never seen a tandem in a sidehack race. Thanks for sharing this. Also it’s nice to see people paying attention since cellphones haven’t been invented yet!
  5. Now you need a bike stand like this one. : ) Oldschoolmags.com BMXA 1979
  6. Picked up a Blazer mini frame yesterday from offer up. It was advertised as a Navajo based off of what he was told on Facebook. Well, made him an offer and here it is with black powdercoat,no chrome.I have a couple of other projects going so I’m just going to hang it on the wall for now.
  7. Very nice bikes guys. Thanks for sharing. There’s a lot of OG love going on
  8. The post is old but he’s still an active member there.
  9. This post at bmxmuseum seems very informative.