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  1. Cool bike. Proper cleaning is key to maintaining value.
  2. https://bmxsociety.com/topic/50020-gary-littlejohn-experts-wanted/
  3. I don’t know the year but I hope this helps.
  4. Super cool! I’ve never seen this article before. Thanks for posting it.
  5. The seatpost clamp does look like the clamps on a redline stem. The bolt holes don’t go all the way through so you know it’s not from a stem. Cool!
  6. Cool bike. The first gen Cook Bros stem was out as early as 1976 as shown in a dec 76/ Jan 77 BMXA mag
  7. That sucks! I hope you’re able to hang on to some of you’re favorites.
  8. Looks really good for it’s age. I’m sure it will look great once you get done with it. That looks like a nice fishing hole in the background. Makes me want to break out my fishing gear
  9. Thanks, I know I have a Bendix hub around somewhere. I’ll try it out tomorrow after I get all the old grease off of it. I hope some swap meets start up again soon so I can dig into some parts boxes for a suntour hub. A whole wheel is fine to though. thanks for the tip
  10. I’ve never owned a pair of tuff wheels before but always wanted some because I thought they looked pretty cool. Well I found a pair at a good price so I bought them. I know they take a Suntour coaster brake but was wondering if a Bendix or Shimano would fit till I find one. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  11. Gotta love those Torker welds.