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  1. That’s a tough question. What The 26incher says is about right for me to.
  2. Been here a couple times....but on steep dirt hills.
  3. Belated happy birthday! Thanks for all your contributions to the BMX community.
  4. LOL , I must have been thinking of Thruster when I typed. Those decals are pretty clear. Thanks for the ID on the wheel.
  5. Is that a schwinn s-2 rear rim with 105g spokes next to the thruster frames?
  6. Drilling a hole at the end of the crack should stop it. You might want to look into it since I don’t know the exact science behind it.
  7. Hope you don’t mind if I add this ad, it seems like a good place for it.
  8. I’ve never owned a hub like that but I like it. I wonder if it would clean up nice and then be repurposed as a pencil holder or something.
  9. I’ve seen 2 recently go for around $2500. I don’t know about the Schwinn Scrambler
  10. I used one of these in 1975 to get the full moto experience.
  11. Well since you’re answering questions, there’s a couple of things I was wondering. Is the front sprocket close to rubbing on the frame and does the rear wheel need adjustment. Also, do you prefer the Carlisle aggressor in the back. You’re bike says “BMX”, I love it. Sorry if I come across wrong. My wife says that’s why I have no friends. lol