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  1. Spotted Scot wearing these in the Dec. 1976 BMXA on oldschoolmags.com
  2. Very cool, and you got the blue brake lever you needed for your Ra-8.
  3. Here’s an RRS ad from July 1982 BMX Plus on oldschoolmags.com showing some of the cool stuff they came up with.
  4. Another of actor Larry Wilcox. From oldschoolmags.com Jan 1984 bmx plus ad
  5. Back In The Day. Usually refers to your youth when life was good and not to complicated.
  6. Bill Bastian/ Race Inc. made the alloy frames and Jere Kirkpatrick or one of his employees at Fabrications by Jere in Venice CA made the steel frame.
  7. Cool bikes. Nice dual dropout forks on the Madison.
  8. Looks like a 1981 Madison mxdr. Is the serial # on the left side front gusset? Though the ones I looked at were only 6 digits.
  9. I’m curious about how much these newly made stems are going to be and how much an OG stem is going for now.
  10. It seems that the 76-77 forks have straight dropouts and the 78-79 have flared dropouts but still have the sleeker tubing at the ends. Also I’ve noticed the decals seem upside down except on the mongooses the Roger Decoster decal is right side up. Sometime in 79 mongoose started putting their name on the forks and the tubing stayed round all the way to the dropouts. I’m not an expert on this it’s just an observation of what I’ve seen. Here’s an ad from bmxa products review Jan. 1979
  11. Here’s an early Roger Decoster ad and some specs on them. I’m not sure if they were made for anyone else before 1976.
  12. Bump for Ashtabula lovers like me. Thanks sodbuster!