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  1. Cook Bros. Cruiser $10,200.00 17 bids sept. 28th 2019 ebay. I don’t know if that’s the most expensive but dang that’s a lot.
  2. Cool forks. Did they have any date code stamp or makers mark? Just curious if FMF made them or made for them. I haven’t found any info about it.
  3. Not made by FMF, but an FMF frame is the first thing I think about when I see a Laguna brake bridge.
  4. Photo from Pinterest. Kinda curious what cranks Stu is using . Shimano DX ? They are. Found the STR-1 info thread. This place is full of great information. Just sometimes you have to dig for it.
  5. Very nice find. I’m still waiting for my turn to come across a cruiser like that. Thanks for sharing.
  6. You’re probably right. PK & Scot testing the OM Flyer at Entradero Park. Photo from bmxcollector.tumblr.com
  7. Very nice shot. Looks like it was a good day for riding too.
  8. Those are some sweet rides Brian. Very inspiring.
  9. That was awesome! Can’t wait to see Dan in the new ghostbusters movie. I’ll bet that golden ticket in that envelope is worth a pretty penny.
  10. I wish some of these old bikes could talk. I think it’s very cool what you people at bikes for the world do. GLWS