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  1. Not yet, but I’m making a little progress. I have some clean up and polishing still. I’m hoping to make some time to complete it.
  2. Very nice! I remember seeing the Team Jag team race at Corona. They were a class act with some very fast riders.
  3. Jeff Ward was pretty amazing! The second half of the 70s was a lot of fun.
  4. If you’re bike has these original parts on it then it would have very good value. But of course it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Good luck
  5. I think it stands for Jim Watson. This photo is from a 1977 cyc catalog.
  6. That’s bike is sweet! Love that color. If it were mine I would probably go with different pedals though. I had some of those and they were kinda small for me
  7. Well they advertised they sold handlebars. Maybe made by someone else.
  8. Very cool! I especially like the crank.
  9. That’s great, it’s always a good feeling when you add that last piece. Very nice bike you have there.
  10. That bike is sweet! I love that color it’s a real attention grabber.
  11. Do you happen to know around what year these articles were written?
  12. That’s a very nice find/save. It’s amazing how bikes like this still pop up, especially here in SoCal where old bmx stuff is hunted pretty hard.
  13. Sorry tried to paste a thread but having difficulty.
  14. It looks like the real deal. Plus it’s chrome so it’s extra special. I’d guess from 87-89 based off the gussets, chainstay bends and decal style. You should measure the top tube to see what model you have. The X on the rear dropout probably stands for expert.
  15. https://bmxmuseum.com/bikes/info/201/?as=list Maybe this will help you
  16. It looks like a 1983 Centurion Pro Line.
  17. Thanks! I’m not taking sides, I’m just glad to hear you’re side of the story.