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  1. Here’s a pair of mine. Haven’t cleaned these yet but here you go : )
  2. Ouch! That really sucks. I’m sure you’ll get it all squared away. Good luck
  3. Cool, thanks for the SE history lesson. Can never learn to much about SE
  4. Could a person buy a LG fork separate bitd ? Just out of curiosity. Not saying it would be wrong to use them, I think it’s good to use what you like. That’s how it’s done on race bikes.
  5. That bike is sweet! That brake lever is hard to find I’ve been looking for one for awhile. Nice!
  6. The N on the decals remind me of schwinn. I found these on a 86 schwinn team sting. Owner says there Anlun. The one in the mag ad looks like it has a pinch bolt though.
  7. Just to keep it interesting I’ll say S&S power cranks.
  8. Short gusset behind seat stay, diamond rear dropouts, brake bridge and absence of weld seam on bracing between b/b and chain stays. It’s a 1978 race inc made frame.
  9. Whoa, those came out really nice. Is that paint or powder.
  10. dav451

    Elf jr pro

    After taking a really close look at the serial number, the FX looks more like EX for expert. And I think TrulyOdd is right about the year. Wagonguy the model.
  11. HAHAHA that’s funny. If it was a rattlesnake it would have bit you.
  12. Very nice, your hard work really paid off. If you ever decide to change it a little, some black box bars and schwinn quilted seat would be cool. : )
  13. You might want to try to get a hold of this guy. He may still have it.
  14. Looks like a early 2000 Vertical Sick
  15. This is what it’s all about. Very cool bike.
  16. I remember wanting a R&R back in the 70s but for some reason ended up with a Dan Gurney. They were and still are pretty cool bikes. Thanks for sharing.
  17. WOW! That JU racing mini frame is pretty cool. The rest are just plain cool. LOL
  18. Those guys on Rail the Berm seem like cool dudes but they need a hot sounding chick on there to mix it up a little. Can’t wait to hear what a Haro,Raleigh,Murray and Huffy NOS in the box go for. LOL