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  1. themotocrossvault.files.wordpress.com motocross/march 1976
  2. That was probably Steven Grable on page 3 your thinking about.
  3. There’s a bike path that goes along the San Luis Rey river in Oceanside that I want to try. It has an airport a skatepark and a swap meet. It ends or starts at the ocean, depending where you start.
  4. 1977 CYC catalog. Addicks sprocket and spider.
  5. I thought it was a one piece gusset. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Cool, are they Simi or Chatsworth stamped?
  7. Hey, it came out really nice. I too had a bike bitd with yellow grips but I can’t seem to make myself buy some again LOL. Just messing with you about the grips. I actually did buy some yellow ame cam grips for when I rebuild my first race bike. There not era correct for mine but I’m not paying for Oakley 1s
  8. Nice, looks like it still has a couple more races left in it.
  9. 10 yrs later.......you never know! Especially from a guy named fasteddy lol
  10. Killer bike! Pete’s was a great bike shop.
  11. Looks like it’s coming along nicely.
  12. That’s a tough question. What The 26incher says is about right for me to.
  13. Been here a couple times....but on steep dirt hills.
  14. Belated happy birthday! Thanks for all your contributions to the BMX community.
  15. LOL , I must have been thinking of Thruster when I typed. Those decals are pretty clear. Thanks for the ID on the wheel.
  16. Is that a schwinn s-2 rear rim with 105g spokes next to the thruster frames?
  17. Drilling a hole at the end of the crack should stop it. You might want to look into it since I don’t know the exact science behind it.