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  1. Thank you for the clear and informative answer. It’s amazing that these are the only two found.
  2. Looks good even with a coaster brake. I’m not familiar with the STR-1 . I saw a couple of quads here and there BITD at the track but didn’t know about the STRs. Did other pro riders besides STU race it? They seem to be very rare. How many were made?
  3. Ha...For a second there I thought I was looking at suspenders. Sweet hubs. Looks like you had a blast. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Actor Henry Thomas, Elliott in the movie E.T.
  5. Robert Cordoza (left),one of the BMX stunt riders of E.T., next to the films actor, Robert MacNaughton, who played Michael, Elliott’s older brother in the movie.
  6. Add 3 NOS 85’ PK RIPPERS to the list. Thanks Brian Hays for the heads up.
  7. Cool, the KMC chains cost less too. Thanks!
  8. The KMC Z410 looks like a match. I was about to buy one on ebay but I would like to put the chain those bikes came with. Thanks for the response. I’ll check out the Izumi
  9. Hello, I’m trying to figure out what chain came stock on these. I know there silver and black. I just can’t find the brand. If anyone knows I’d appreciate the info. Thanks! And yes I tried google and old catalogs.
  10. Just wanted to say thanks Johnnyringo for all the time he put in making it possible for people to research different time periods in bmx history so much easier.
  11. First time trying to post photo. Hope this works. That was easy from my phone.
  12. Thanks for the greeting. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it here.
  13. New user registration worked for me. But I don’t know my way around yet to say if something else is not working.