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  1. After really look over this I think it’s too much work for me so I’m thinking it might have to go on eBay and buy myself a mongoose that’s already restored
  2. So I think I have figured out this is the 59th bike produced out of 85 or 60th if you include the prototype? I am new to this although I did have a burner as a kid lol
  3. Sorry I didn’t want to brake any rules by asking for value it’s just that I have searched the net and can’t find one for sale or sold , I have found that they only made 85 of them but that’s about all I can find
  4. I have just found a micro mini in a shed clearance and would like some help to date it etc , the number on the frame is MM8459 oh and the all important question is what’s it value
  5. Hi i have just got a micro mini Mm8459 can anyone tell me what it’s worth please