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  1. Thank you for that information. Knowledge is power. I was not aware of that fact. Still got a lot to learn. My frame is a 1983, so the forks aren’t correct for my bike. But they were with it when I got it so they stay with it.
  2. And sorry, I just assumed that people would understand that I meant it had PK Ripper “landing gear” on it. Guess that didn’t come though the way I intended it to. So my bad for not being more clear about it
  3. I understand that. But only the early PK rippers has the sold drops on them. That is version of Landing gear forks that were, and still are, on my bike when I bought it
  4. Thank you. It’s an April 1983 frame. With early PK solid drop forks. They were on it when I bought it in ‘86ish. Laundry list of late ‘80’s parts on the build. Still have receipts for a lot of the parts too 401 Redline 180mm flights Bullseye hubs Mongoose Pro Class rims Esp “flying w” gooseneck GT seat that I cut the tip off of when I was jumping the bike (bar spins etc) Powerlite pro bend bars original Tiaoga Comp 3’s (old but still together) Dia Comp brake lever Odyssey Pit Bull brake. Still need to find some the original frame pads too. I know there around someplace! Lol One day I’ll finish it
  5. Not original paint, but it is the original color. I’ve got the chain for it. And I just put the nos decals on it too. I’ve had them since 1990. Just never got around to painting the bike
  6. My high school ride. Owned it since 1986ish.