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  1. Just discovered the forum today and found a few threads mentioning meetups at Entradero park. I'm wondering if anyone has any old 70s/80s photos or memories of the track to share. Images in the other threads were broken but I suspect they were meetup images and not from back in the day. From what I remember of the track in the early 80's, you'd start at the top near the entrance and hit a 4-5' tall jump into a downhill landing, head left around a sweeping singletrack berm, hit the hip airing to the right, and ultimately end up with an option to jump the cement gully. I don't remember what was between the hip and the gully jump. Being 11-12 years old at the time, I was too much of a pussy to go big on the first jump and I was never comfortable trying to throw a tabletop to the right so I always hit the hip going left and landing in the flats. I kinda remember you could straight air the hip and there were a few other jumps on the other side but they didn't really flow with the rest of the track. Someone had dug a softball sized hole in the ground about 20' out from the hip jump and rumor was the hole marked the farthest distance Trashcan Morgan had once jumped. True or not, we 11 year olds were pretty gullible and the guy was somewhat of a local legend so we took it as fact. I also remember kids slipping through the grid on the drainage tunnel at the top of the gully. If you went about about 50' in, supposedly there was a "room" where a bunch of other drains intersected and where all the stoners would hang out. Looking at the satellite photo, it's kinda hard to tell where things used to be. The walkway between the houses is still there but I don't remember the fireroad. The baseball field at the bottom right wasn't there back then. Anyway, fun trip down memory lane. Wondering if others have old memories to share.
  2. Yeah. My guess is it was around 1981 or 82 because I started high school in 83 and at that point my focus shifted to surfing and skating. I didn't ride much after that. I kinda feel like it was in the front parking lot of a local school, and there were maybe 10 kids hanging around watching. I just remember a ramp with the cans lined up and he was jumping to a flat landing.
  3. On a whim, I googled "bmx trash can morgan" and this forum popped up. I used to ride bmx back in the early 80's and remember this shot like it was yesterday. I lived in Redondo Beach but the spot we all wanted to ride was Entradero park in Torrance. I'm pretty sure this was shot there, on the first hip after rounding the first berm. I also remember watching him set up a ramp in the parking lot of an elementary school and actually jumping trash cans. Great memories!