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  1. On 4/20/2004 at 1:37 AM, DauchyFan said:

    i'm with Dys on the dremel usage. i upgraded to that tool after both hands developed blisters. but i only had break marks to remove.


    here's one for you - i have a set of old yellow mags off a schwinn. they look like they've sat outside in all kinds of weather & sun for years. pic below is after a normal cleaning. and they still look poor. it's like the "issue" has penetrated the nylon.


    you guys have spoke on removing external dirt & grime, etc. but what about stuff that's "soaked" into the mag itself. pretend i have no connections (or money) for blasting techniques. what can i use from around the house to clean these up? did the color just fade out of them? like how sun bleaches plastic?


    managed to clean up mine with a 5 minute (cut)simple green soak, a hotsy pressure wash (local car wash, hot water), and vitamin e oil (70,000 iu from cvs $10, its clear. paint on, let sit wipe off till dry.) they were the same color as yours when i started. (the one in back is pressure washed and dried, the one in front has e oil on it soaking, pre-wipe off. 


    39 years of funk and sun dried goodness in before.

    5 min simple green soak and 15 min hot pressure wash in after.



    Anyone know of a nylon composite sealant?