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  1. Ha ha, thank you, i think that was all I could expect from this picture. It was taken by kid-me on one of those Disc Cameras (remember those?). I'll try to post some pix of the current condition, I have a decal set ordered and I want to know about stripping, painting, and re-chroming or CAD plating rusty parts.
  2. I have been looking to restore my childhood Mongoose and I finally found a picture of it new, Xmas morning, the blurriest shot ever though. I am going to keep digging to see if I can find a better picture. The bike now is rusty with no decals, so if the picture tells you anything about the bike or decals let me know, all I could see is that I have the Red "seat stay wrap"decals. It is pretty rust, is it acceptable to wire brush and rattlecanned, or should it be bead/sand blasted and powdercoated? The Motomags are a bit oxidized and one has a small spoke broken, so I was thinking of patching the spoke and painting the Motomags a matching yellow with black tires. Any tips/ideas are appreciated. I can post some current pix later.