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  1. This popped up on Craigslist in the free section! After the owner got spooked by all the email I was able to grab it..far from free unfortunately. 1977 Fireroad cruiser!
  2. Not technically a reproduction, but I could see someone trying to pass these off as Redline http://www.alansbmx.com/1648789/products/mirage_single_pinch_three_piece_crank.aspx
  3. For flatland I ran the white dia compe pads on chrome rims..worked great!
  4. I know my shitbox Porsche 911 gets more attention than the restored ones on the rare occasion I put it in a show..
  5. If you grew up in the 80's then you know this picture.. Head over to my site to read the story on the shirt, and then click "Buy Stuff" to get yours! $25 shipped in the US ( worldwide shipping is $9) thanks! Blog http://porschepunx.bigcartel.com/
  6. I've never seen an anodized Tuffneck in orange..they were always painted as I remember. The one in the bag looks painted.
  7. Like anyone who poured over the pages of BMXA and FREESTYLIN' I was brainwashed into loving Porsches. It seemed they showed up every issue either lurking in the background, or with Stu or Buff flying over them. I finally got one (1978 911 SC) and it has morphed into the outlaw/ratrod type thing you see here. My buddy Maurice ( http://dutchmanphotos.tumblr.com/ ) came over to shoot it for the Dutch Porsche magazine "RS". He is an old school freestyler too, so I knew he would have no objections to shooting it with Eddie, Martin and the HB Tuesday crew. If you would have told 15 year old me that Fiola and Aparijo would do tricks while my Porsche was photographed for a magazine, I wouldn't have believed it! Heres a few pics..hope you guys dig em! (more on my instagram @rockabilly_jay)
  8. Aero was still making leathers as of a couple years ago..maybe they are new? http://aerobmx.com/
  9. Early Klein mountain bikes used a BB that was just bearings pressed in the frame..like a new school BMX bike. Could be a early Klein spindle.
  10. Awesome build! I rode Maguras on my trials bike way back in the day..there's a 2mm allen key in the lever pivot that acts as a barrel adjuster kind of. Or you can move the individual caliper sides closer to the rims.
  11. I used that stuff on the decklid of my 911. Had the paint stripped and was waiting to get some louvers punched, so I sprayed it so it wouldn't rust. Some guys do the whole car, but it tends to look pretty cheesy...