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  1. Fortunately saw this bike over the weekend at the Buckeye Show and it’s perfect. Coolest bike at the show.
  2. Here are the stickers I would like to use. I’m steering towards the top set. Does anyone know the correct ones for an ‘81. Thnx
  3. Thanks guys for the feed back. I really appreciate it. I like the way this came out but I found some Campy parts and 7c’s I want to use now. I also have a question about what stickers would be correct for this frame. I have two different sets that I’ll try to post over the weekend to get some input. Thnx and hope everyone’s staying safe.
  4. Hello. I am new to the site but have been directed or came across bikes from members while doing research and attending the Crown Point Show the last couple of years. I feel there’s a level of quality and passion in the discussions with members and their bikes that I now what to be a part of and take some direction with a build. I acquired a Patterson Long a couple of years ago and built up with what I had available. I am now redoing it and have a couple questions for you guys The serial number on the underside of bottom bracket is 03812. From what I gathered it’s an 81. Is that correct? If so would it be nickel plated? To me the frame looks it was redone at one point because there are ripple/bumps on the down tube and a couple other areas. Also the existing nickel looks a little too bright to be original. Any help would be appreciated.