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  1. This was photo'ed in Richard Bartlett's backyard, in Leona Valley, Ca, which is in Los Angeles county. The Privateer was a great bike, with great angles and won many pro races. Billy Harrison raced single A on that bike and won a lot of races and turned AA by May, when you had to turn if you won a certain dollar amount.
  2. Bronco bike - my son's first bike. I am a few years younger and looked up to Rod as a hero of mine, but got to know him later, where I worked with him a little with the SE guys on some bikes. I made sure my son's first bike was an SE (new company of course) and carefully chose the Bronco, as it was a perfect starter bike. My son loved it, and when I told him I knew who Bronco was, he didn't believe me, so I went to facebook and had a great conversation with Rod. It was near the end and he was hurting and sad, but it was cool to make him happy for a moment knowing that I got the bike. He was a really nice guy, who did bmx for the right reasons. I am going to keep this bike forever. I later got my son the new PK Ripper in black/purple, and he outgrew that as well, but we're going to keep both. Love that Rod had a second part in bmx by getting a new bike named after him.