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  1. With the help From Brian Hays authenticating my frames and then Turning me onto waza in Australia for decals both my bikes are done riding and have the correct decals even hit a few of the early SE Race devision ones made for my PK and big PK Rippers
  2. Ok Brian thank you and will do .
  3. I thank you again Brian Hays for telling me what bikes my 2 frames actually wer and I def appreciate the time you spent posting the info . Since last weekend I stripped the race inc decals off the gold frame . I have the correct decals coming for the blue frame . Now where can I find a set of Laguna GT decals for the gold frame ?
  4. I definitely appreciate all the info and the time given to answer and explain it all . Thank you again .
  5. Wow that’s very nice ! I love the blue ..
  6. I love learning the history of these old bikes . My research led me to joining this group . Here’s my 1976 Race Inc RA7 . Building as a old beat up vintage rider ..
  7. Ok thank you for the info . I added the race inc decals to the gold frame . Both frames are anodized . When I got the gentleman ( which I consider a friend now ) told me the blue one should have the yellow and red FMF decals ( which I had gotten for it ) There is also a very faded shadow on the blue frames neck tube in the shape of an oval from old decal as the anodize faded over the years ..
  8. Trying to do research on one of my frames. I just got Both frames .Both came from a gentleman in California who was personal friends with Scot B .Did cycle pro Foilers come without a brake bridge ?